RUN ‘ The Thinker Child’ new mural for the Croydon Rise Festival

Giacomo Bufarini aka RUN just completed a monumental mural in Croydon called the Thinker Child in Croydon, South of London as part of the Croydon Rising Festival. “The Thinker Child” brings a whole series of considerations and reflections by the artist. “When I see the cities that are losing their identity or are embracing the

RUN New Mural For Oltre Il Muro Festival – Sapri, Italy

London-based artist RUN was in Sapri, Italy last week, where he was invited to paint for the latest edition of the Oltre Il Muro Street Art Festival. Touring through the Italian countryside, RUN worked on this massive piece for a few days. The Italian street artist painted this gigantic white and blue character and its accompanying

RUN “Phrenology” New Mural – East London, UK

Italian street artist RUN spent his week-end in London, UK working on this new piece around the trendy streets of Shoreditch.The piece is entitled “Phrenology” and is part of a new body of work that RUN has been working on for a few years, however it’s the first time he is actually doing it on

Borondo x Alexis Diaz, Pixel Pancho, RUN, Cane Morto New Street Pieces – London, UK

An All-Star street art team hooked up last Week-End in East London, UK to work on a series of new solo pieces.Borondo, Alexis Diaz, Pixel Pancho, RUN and Cane Morto spent a few hours working on these sweet artworks for the local street art fans to enjoy.Take a peek at more images by Monoprixx after

Phlegm, Christiaan Nagel & RUN For Last Breath II – London, UK

Yet an other of London’s intriguing constructions is currently seeing its final light: Blithehale Medical Centre, Bethnal Green.Once one of East-London’s prominent medical centres, it’s now a decapitated structure in the midst of human destruction. Its disease is uncurable. Before ultimate euthanasia, together with Phlegm, Run and Christiaan Nagel we snuck into the building in

2501 x RUN New Collaboration – East London, UK

2501 is currently in UK where he just wrapped up this new collaboration with RUN in Shoreditch, London.The Italian street art duo quickly painted this crazy combo-piece which is featuring RUN’s illustrative style combined with 2501’s abstract black and white wavy lines.Continue reading for more images by Monoprixx and if you are in the area,

Phlegm x Run New Street Art For Empty Walls Festival ’13 – Cardiff, Wales

After two dope solo pieces in Wales (covered), Phlegm also collaborated with Run for the Empty Walls Street Art Festival 2013.Painted on the streets of Cardiff, The Italo-British duo is back together after some pieces last summer in Chichester (featured). With this new piece, the duo delivers another example of a great Street Art collaboration.Get

RUN New Mural In London, UK

While we last heard from him last month in Chichester (covered), RUN is back in London where he spent the last two days working on this new piece.The Italian painter delivers a massive swan which is featuring his signature hands imagery.If you stop by East London, you’ll be able to find this one on Holywell