Sam3 creates “La Barca”, a new mural in Rome, Italy
October 1, 2014
1 min read
Our friend Sam3 is currently in Rome, Italy where he will soon be opening a new solo exhibition with the good lads from Wunderkammern.Sam3 spent a few days working on this signature piece which is entitled “La Barca” (The Boat). the Spanish artist paints shadows and silhouettes in his urban surroundings. Sometimes ironic, other times poetic,…
Sam3 New Mural For Milestone ’14 – Girona, Spain
June 18, 2014
1 min read
After a quick stop by Portugal a few weeks ago (covered), Sam3 is now back in Spain where he just finished working on this piece somewhere in Girona, a city in the northeast of the Autonomous Community of Catalonia.Invited by the Milestone Street Art Project 2014 along other artists such as Momo or Boris Hoppek, Sam3…
Sam3 New Mural – Porto, Portugal
May 25, 2014
1 min read
Sam3 recently stopped by the city of Porto in Portugal to work on a new mural organised by Prova de Artista.The Murcia-based artist painted this piece which is showing a black silhouette climbing up the blank page of a book to discover the galaxy which is hidden behind.Sam3 is using his art to reveal the…
Sam3 “Voluntas” New Mural – Vila Real, Spain
April 17, 2014
1 min read
While he’s made himself rather rare on the streets these past few months, Sam3 recently finished working on this sick new piece in Vila Real, Spain.Invited by the Proyecto Test, the talented Spanish artist dropped this fantastic new piece which is entitled “Voluntas” (The Will in Latin).Continue reading for a closer look at “Voluntas” and…
Sam3 “Park” New Mural – Barcelona, Spain
December 12, 2013
1 min read
Sam3 recently stopped by the city of Barcelona in Spain where he spent a few hours working on this beautiful new piece.Entitled “Park”, the Spanish street artist added the following statement: “The small birds are the tree’s words”– Sam3 Continue reading for more detailed images on this piece and then check back with us soon…
Sam3 New Murals In Horsens, Denmark
June 29, 2013
1 min read
Horsens, an old, Danish city of about 55.000 inhabitants, has gathered a selected group of contemporary artists to take over the port and the city center with public art.Our friend Sam3 is the first one to complete his intervention for “Public art Horsens” with three amazing pieces.As usual with the Spanish artist, he paints shadows…
Sam3 New Mural In Blanca, Spain
June 18, 2013
1 min read
While you discovered his piece for Memorie Urbane yesterday (covered), Sam3 also worked on this brilliant piece in Blanca, a Spanish municipality, in the Region of Murcia, located in the “Vega Alta del Segura”.Using only black paint the Spanish artist is interested in the “naked idea”, which can be expressed simply with a silhouette.Check back…
Sam3 New Mural In Gaeta, Italy
June 17, 2013
1 min read
Sam3 has been rather quiet this year, however the elusive artist recently stopped by Gaeta, Italy for the excellent Memorie Urbane Festival where he painted this amazing constellation piece.As usual Sam3 is using his art to reveal the hidden reality of every day life, narrow deep and alternative meanings behind the apparent simplicity of his…
Sam3 New Mural In Cartagena, Spain
February 23, 2013
1 min read
SAM3 recently painted this large-scale piece entitled “Providencia” on the streets of Cartagena, a city located in the Region of Murcia, by the Mediterranean coast, south-eastern Spain.As usual SAM3 is using his art to reveal the hidden reality of every day life, narrow deep and alternative meanings behind the apparent simplicity of his artworks which is…
SAM3 New Drawings Available Now
October 24, 2012
1 min read
Once in a while, SAM3 decides to drop some rare drawings on his website so act quick as he just released eight new pieces.They each measure 16 x 22cm, ink / spray paint on paper 370gsm and comes signed by the Spanish artist. Available now HERE for 180 to 250 Euro