Seth GlobePainter New Pieces – Djerba, Tunisia

Along a selection of approximately 100 other artists, Seth GlobePainter was also invited to paint in Djerba, Tunisia for the Djerbahood Project organised by Gallery Itinerance.Specialising in painting characters on walls, the French street art is also the Television Director and onscreen Reporter of the French documentary series “Globe Painter’’.Take a look at more images

Seth GlobePainter New Pieces – Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Seth GlobePainter is back in Louisiana where he was once again invited by the Museum Of Public Art to paint on the streets of Baton-Rouge.As usual with the French street artist, he worked his magic through a series of his signature character based murals. Seth is also the Television Director and onscreen Reporter of the documentary

Seth New Mural – Montreal, Canada

Paris-based muralist Seth was also invited in Montreal, Canada to paint for the latest edition of the Mural Street Art Festival.Known for his colourful and whimsical murals, the French street artist spent a few days working his magic on the busy Boulevard Saint-Laurent. The result is a trademark Seth piece showing a young boy with

Seth Globepainter x Jace New Collaborations – Paris, France

Jace recently stopped by the lovely city of Paris in France where he worked on a “passive” collaborations with Seth Globepainter on a series of fresh pieces. The French artist added some of his signature Gouzou and accompanying creatures to several older Seth pieces around the city of lights. Nice remix! Continue reading for more

Seth Globepainter New Mural For K-Live Festival – Sete, France

Seth Globepainter recently spent few days in the south of France, working on this beautiful mural for the 7th edition of the local K-Live festival.Painting on this medium wall between rainy days, Seth just finished a signature piece titled “Open Your Mind”, showing one of his peaceful looking characters, removing his hat and freeing up his

Seth New Mural For Memorie Urbane – Gaeta, Italy

Last seen a few days ago in Rome (Covered), Seth also stopped by the beautiful city of Gaeta to work on this new mural. Invited by the excellent Memorie Urbane Street Art Festival, the French artist quickly worked his way through this signature piece depicting two children. Hit the jump for more pictures by Flavia

Seth Globepainter New Murals For Urban Legends – Rome, Italy

Seth Globepainter is currently in Rome, Italy where he just finished this new series of indoor pieces in Rome, Italy.In town for the Urban Legends Exhibition at the MACRO Museum curated by Stefano S Antonelli, the French street artist dropped some of his signature rainbow imagery for the daily commuters to enjoy. If you are

Seth x Kislow New Mural – Kiev, Ukraine

After his recent Hawaiian trip for POW! WOW! Hawaii, Seth is now back in Europe where he reached Ukraine to work on this new collaboration with Kislow.Painting on the streets of Kiev, the French-Ukrainian street art duo worked their magic on this massive piece which is featuring each artist’s distinctive style and imagery.More detailed images