SWEET TOOF & AIDA WILDE Print release: GentriFUCKation
December 18, 2018
2 min read
Legendary UK artist SWEET TOOF and Screenprinting Queen AIDA WILDE have teamed up to celebrate 10 years of print collaboration, from ‘East End Sucks’ to ‘GentriFuck’. The ultra limited screenprinted edition measures 100 x 40 cm and comes in three colour variants, with glitter and gold tooth for £220  or go for Gold Bling AP…
Coverage: Mr Thoms “Talking Walls” @ Rome’s Galeria Varsi
April 8, 2014
1 min read
Mr Thoms recently opened a solo show @ Galeria Varsi in Rome, curated by Marta Gargiulo. Titled Talking Walls, the show is including a wide range of new indoor works that the Italian artist created for the event. With his familiar playful imagery, cartoon-like characters and creatures, Mr Thoms created a new body of work…
Showing: POW! WOW! :Exploring The New Contemporary Art Movement @ Honolulu’s Museum of Art School
February 10, 2014
1 min read
Last Saturday in Hawaii, ThinkSpace Gallery opened a new group exhibition entitled “POW! WOW! :Exploring The New Contemporary Art Movement” at the Honolulu Museum of Art School.Curated by Andrew Hosner for POW! WOW! Hawaii, the show featured an impressive series of 40 2’x2′ works painted by a selection of international street artists such as Andrew Schoultz, Sainer,…
Showing: Phlegm “The Bestiary” @ London’s Howard Griffin Gallery
February 2, 2014
1 min read
Last night, Phlegm opened his new exhibition ‘The Bestiary’, now on display at Howard Griffin Gallery in London’s Shoreditch.Known for his huge monochromatic murals, Phlegm transformed the gallery with an incredible amount of work on display.The show starts with a small maze showing a bunch of painted specimen jars containing animals and various nods to…
Showing: Seth Globepainter @ Paris’ Géraldine Zberro Gallery
January 31, 2014
1 min read
Last night in France, Seth Globepainter opened his new solo show at the Geraldine Zberro Gallery at the Espace Comines in Paris.The attendees were in for a real treat discovering the new body of work produced by the super popular French street artist. A series of large signature canvases were on display including a rug…