Moneyless unveils a new piece in Ragusa, Italy

We continue our ongoing coverage of the FestiWall Street Art Festival which recently took place on the streets of Ragusa in Sicily. Moneyless was also part of this year’s lineup and as usual with the Italian artist, the end-result is another awesome piece of work. The artist grew up as a member of the 90’s

Natalia Rak unveils a new mural in Ragusa, Italy for FestiWall

Natalia Rak was also in Sicily where she was invited by the good people from FestiWall to create a new mural on the streets of Ragusa. The Polish artist created yet another dreamlike piece showing a young boy fishing high up on a pink moon. With skillful use of color contrast and dimension, she painted this

WAONE from Interesni Kazki creates a new mural in Catania, Sicily

After showing you AEC’s piece a few days ago, it’s time to share what the other half of Interesni Kazki WAONE has cooked up in Catania, Sicily.Painting on a silo, the Ukrainian muralist delivered yet another fantastic surreal artwork entitled “Eternal Reccurance”. It took nine days for WAONE to complete this 30 meters high silo.The “Seeing

AEC Interesni Kazki creates a new mural in Catania, Sicily

AEC from the Ukrainian duo Interesni Kazki is currently in lovely Sicily where he was invited to work his magic on a huge silo on the streets of Catania.Entitled “Odysseus escape from Polyphemus”, it took about ten days for AEC to finish this 30 meters high beast. The artwork shows his interpretation of the Ulysses and

Alice New Mural – Syracuse, Sicily

Alice is spending some time on the beautiful island of Sicily in Italy where she just finished working on this new piece on the streets of Syracuse.Entitled “The myth of Arethusa and Alpheus”, the piece was inspired by the spring of Arethusa in Ortygia (Syracuse), a body of freshwater close to the seashore. The legend

Seikon New Mural – Giardini Naxos, Sicily

Polish muralist Seikon was also invited to paint for the newest edition of the Emergence Festival in Giardini Naxos, Sicily.The talented painter creates puzzles of colours using “signature geometric line-based imagery.” Once again, he turns shapes into a harmonious wholes that is captivating.Continue reading for more images on this new piece and let us know

Sr. X “Bacchus” New Mural – Giardini-Naxos, Sicily

Sr. X recently stopped by the city of Giardini-Naxos in Sicily to work on a new piece for the always excellent Emergence Festival.The Spanish painter dropped this interesting piece showing a large-scale version of Bacchus popping out of the wall. This is his tribute to Bacchus, “the only real and cool god” which was the

Mr Thoms “Fashion Trap” New Mural – Favara, Sicily

Mr Thoms is currently in Sicily where he spent his weekend working on this new mural somewhere on the streets of Favara, Italy.The prolific Italian street artist dropped “Fashion Trap”, a signature piece which is featuring one his cartoonish characters coming out of the wall.Make sure to take a peep at more detailed images after