Sego New Mural In Lima, Peru

Mexican artist Sego recently stopped by Lima, Peru to paint for the Excellent Latidoamericano Festival.The result is yet another beautiful piece featuring one of his signature and hyper detailed organic creatures which can be seen on Jr. Ancash 681.Check back with us soon for more updates from Peru… First picture by Kapta

INTI New Mural In Lima, Peru

After a quick stop by Chile (covered), INTI is now in Lima, Peru for the Latido Americano Festival.Painting on the streets since he was a teenager, the Chilean muralist just completed this new mural featuring some of his iconic characters.If you wanna check this one out, you will be able to find it on Jr.

Saner New Mural In Lima, Peru

While you discovered some progress shots earlier this week (covered), Saner has now finished his piece in Lima for the Latido Americano Festival.As usual with Saner, his work references to the South American folklore and culture while exploring powerful folkloric narratives with his signature imagery.If you are in the area, this piece will be waiting

Liqen New Mural In Cuyabeno, Ecuador

After a great mural in Caimito (covered), Liqen is still in Ecuador where he recently completed this new piece in Cuyabeno, one of the 45 national parks and protected areas in the country.As usual with the Spaniard, he delivers a great mural with his signature smooth lines, unique imagery, and clever concepts.Stay tuned for more by

Saner New Mural In Progress, Lima, Peru

Saner recently arrived in Lima, Peru where he is currently working on yet another impressive mural. In town for the Latido Americano Festival, the Mexican artist should be done in a few days so check back with us soon for the final shots. If you are in the area, you can go and check out the progress