Blu paints a new piece in Sucre, Bolivia

Our friend Blu is currently touring through sunny South America where he just finished working on a brand new piece somewhere on the streets of Sucre in Bolivia.As usual with the popular Italian artist, he delivers once again a powerful artwork in his signature style. The piece shows a hand holding a balance which is

Pastel creates two new murals in South America

Our friend Pastel is currently traveling through South America where he just finished working on new pieces in Argentina and Uruguay. Painting on the busy streets of Buenos Aires and Villa Soriano, the Argentinean street artist brought to life two beautiful “floral” murals which are featuring some of his signature imagery. Hit the jump for more

Os Gemeos and JR collaborate on a new street piece in Sao Paulo, Brazil

February is starting with a lovely new collaboration between the Brazilian legends Os Gemeos and french artist JR on the streets of Sao Paulo in Brazil.Strolling around the busy streets of Sao Paulo, the street art trio quickly worked their way on this beautiful piece which is featuring each artist’s distinctive style.Continue reading for another

L7M unveils a new street art mural in Maracay, Venezuela

Brazilian muralist L7M is currently in Venezuela where he just wrapped up his first 2015 mural somewhere on the streets of Maracay.In town for the latest edition of the Huellas Del Arte Street Art Festival, the popular muralist painted one of his signature birds for the locals to enjoy.Take a closer look at this birdie

El Decertor paints “Climatic Utopia”, his new mural on the streets of Lima in Peru

Our friend El Decertor is back in his hometown of Lima in Peru where he spent a few days working on this new street piece.The Peruvian artist and his impeccable technique once again dropped an impressive mural which is entitled “Climatic Utopia”. As usual with El Decertor, he voices his concerns about the climatic changes

Zosen and Mina Hamada paint a new mural in Mendoza, Argentina

Zosen and Mina Hamada are also in Mendoza, Argentina for the latest edition of the Muropolis Street Art Festival.Mendoza is a city close to the Andes mountains and the Incas were the first residents of the area.The duo painted at the Guillermo Cano primary school where the famed illustrator Quinostudied. The school is located in

Pixel Pancho and Bosoletti collaborate on a new mural in Armstrong, Argentina

After New-Zealand a few days ago, Pixel Pancho has now landed in South America where he started his trip in lovely Argentina.The Italian muralist teamed up with Bosoletti to work on this awesome collaboration somewhere on the streets of Armstrong. The newly formed-duo quickly worked their way through this piece which is featuring Pixel Pancho’s

Pastel creates a beautiful mural on the streets of Mendoza, Argentina

Our friend Francisco Diaz aka Pastel spent a few days in Mendoza, Argentina where he was invited to paint a new mural for the street art Festival Muropolis.Working with the plants used by the native “Pehuenche” community, before the spanish invasion, the Argentinean muralist once again delivers a beautiful piece for the locals to enjoy.Continue