Ben Eine is “Charming” in Laguna Beach, USA

As Ben Eine‘s “Great Western” show wraps up in Chicago this week he’s been busy on the west coast working on a new piece in Laguna Beach.The British street artist recently finished this “Charming” mural on a three story wall near Boat Canyon Road and the Pacific Coast Highway. Eine’s trademark colorful typography adorns streets in

Seikon New Mural In Parchowo, Poland

Constantly busy on the streets of Poland, Seikon has been insanely productive this year with several superb pieces.Mostly painting in Eastern Europe, the Polish artist just sent in some pictures from his newest mural in the small town of Parchowo, Poland. Abstract at its best.More images are awaiting your click below and then check back

Colin Van Der Sluijs x Super-A New mural In Heerlen, Netherlands

After three days of work, Colin Van Der Sluijs and Super-A just wrapped up this beautiful piece on the streets of Heerlen, a city in the southeastern NetherlandsThe story behind this mural is that back in the days the mine workers would take a little bird down into the mines in Heerlen to track down gas leaks in

ROA New Mural In Lagos, Portugal

ROA is currently in Southern Europe where he just finished this lovely new piece on the streets of the Portuguese party capital of Lagos.  Invited for his first ever trip to Portugal by “ARTURb“, the globe-trotting artist decided to paint a duo of snails in a love making position. Placed just outside a lush garden, the

Mr Thoms New Mural In Copenhagen, Denmark

While we last heard from him a few days ago in Italy (covered), Mr Thoms is now in Northern Europe where he spent a few days working on this new piece in Copenhagen.As usual with the Italian artist, he delivers a fun new piece entitled “Sherlock Homeless”.Take another peek at this piece with us below

Cranio New Street Pieces In Liverpool, UK

After a quick stop through London (featured), Cranio is now in Liverpool where he just wrapped up a new series of pieces. As usual with the Brazilian painter, his street work is always placed in funny and curious situations. The pieces are created to provoke the observer to think about contemporary issues like consumerism, identity,

Bom.K x Brusk New Mural In Nantes, France

After having Seth x Kislow (covered) and Alexone last week (covered), the city of Nantes welcomed Bom.K and Brusk for the 9th iteration of Histoire D’un Mur.In just a few hours, the duo from DMV painted an epic piece featuring 4 different portraits combining each artist’s distinctive style and imagery.Make sure to peep at more

Nychos x DXTR New Mural In Copenhagen, Denmark

After New York City (covered), Nychos is back in Europe where he just wrapped up this collaboration with DXTR in Copenhagen, Denmark.In town for the new edition of the excellent Galore Street Art Festival, the duo delivered a superb signature piece entitled “Outta Space Pregnancy”.If you stop by Copenhagen, you’ll be able to see the