Ernest Zacharevic unveils new pieces for Nuart ’15 in Stavanger, Norway

Ernest Zacharevic recently spent some time in Stavanger, Norway where he was invited to paint for the Nuart 2015 Street Art Festival.The Lithuanian artist brought to life a large mural composed by cross stitches and depicting what you would expect to find on a X-mas Sweater. The other piece shows Johanna and Broremann, two children

Nuart ’15: Icy & Sot paint new pieces in Stavanger, Norway

Iranian duo Icy & Sot are currently in Norway where they were invited to participate in the 15th edition of the always excellent Nuart Street Art Festival.Painting on the streets of Stavanger, the Brooklyn-based duo worked on several new stencil-based pieces which are featuring some of their signature imagery. The biggest one shows the hybrid

Nuart ’15: Ella & Pitr unveil a third mural in Stavanger, Norway

Our friends Ella & Pitr have been rather busy in Norway for the Nuart Street Art Festival which took place on the streets of Stavanger.Ella & Pitr met in 2007 and decided to combine their talents. Their first pieces were drawn on paper with Chinese ink, which were then pasted onto walls, lending to their

Nuart ’15: Dot Dot Dot paints a new mural in Stavanger, Norway

We continue our ongoing live coverage from the excellent Nuart ’15 with a brand new piece from our friend Dot Dot Dot.After a few days of work, the Norwegian stencil artist created this kick-ass mural showing what looks to be a portrait of the legendary John Lydon wearing a kind of mohawk beanie and a

Nuart ’15: Ella & Pitr unveils a second mural in Stavanger, Norway

While you discovered a massive piece a few days ago, Ella & Pitr are still in Norway for the excellent Nuart Street Art Festival.We are live from Stavanger where we just popped by this new location which now bears one of their oversized characters. This elderly woman is crawling into the space as if she

Pejac unveils a new piece in Stavanger, Norway for Nuart ’15

Pejac is part of this year’s line-up for the 15th anniversary of the excellent Nuart Street Art Festival which is currently taking place on the streets of Stavanger in Norway.Always creating unique works, the Spanish artist painted this silhouette of a child playing with a racing cars. The tire tracks are forming the image of

Ella & Pitr unveils the world’s largest outdoor mural for Nuart in Klepp, Norway

Nuart Festival, Block Berge Bygg and the artists Ella & Pitr have completed the world’s largest outdoor mural in Klepp, Norway in just four days! The mural is the first project to mark the 15th Anniversary of Stavanger’s Nuart Festival and will be officially ‘opened’ on Friday 4 September at 16:00.Backed by an army of

Nuart ’15: Dolk creates a series of abstract pieces in Stavanger, Norway

Dolk recently visited the city of Stavanger in Norway where he was invited for the latest edition of the always excellent Nuart Festival.The popular Norwegian stencil artist continued his brand new abstract walls part of his brilliant buff series which will be taking place on 100 walls in 50 cities worldwide.Continue reading for more images sent