Roamcouchʼs new mural “When You Wish Upon A Star -Hawaii” in Gifu, Japan

The Japanese street artist Roamcouch recently wrapped up a new wall entitled “When You Wish Upon A Star -Hawaii” on the streets of Gifu, Japan. This piece depicting exquisite Waikiki Beach is the fifth edition of the “When You Wish Upon A Star” series followed by New York, London, Paris and Venice (cover). I wanted

Stinkfish creates a new piece on the streets of Xucun in China

Constantly traveling the world, our buddy Stinkfish has now reached the shores of China where he just finished working on a new piece in the village of Xucun.The Colombian artist created this signature stencil-based piece showing a two kids riding a bicycle. As usual with Stinkfish, a bunch of abstract patterns emanating from one of

A series of new pieces by C215 in Rwanda

French stencil artist Christian Guemy aka C215 is currently touring through Rwanda where he already left several new pieces.C215 travelled to Rwanda to paint stenciled portraits of people who saved lives during the ’94 Rwandan genocide , where Hutus slaughtered more than a million of Tutsis. These portraits aim at showing the French politicians how

Martin Whatson paints a series of new pieces in Oslo, Norway

Taking advantage of the lovely weather in Oslo, Norway, Martin Whatson spent the last few days working on a series of new pieces for the Popop Urban Arts and Oslo Havn.Geared with a bunch of spray paint and some intricate hand-cut stencils, the Norwegian artist brought to life some of his signature “tagged” imagery for the

Add Fuel creates a new piece on the streets of Lisbon

Portuguese artist Add Fuel recently took part in the Trampolins Gerador project organized by Mistaker Maker @ Largo de São Paulo in Lisbon. The idea of the project was to revitalize the area through music, performance, food, photography, intervention, urban art, workshops, talks, etc.Along with few other artist, Add Fuel created this effective piece on an existing electricity

Nick Walker “Penny Farthing Vandal”, a new stencil on the streets of New York City

Our friend Nick Walker is back on the streets of New York City with this brand new piece which was just completed late last night.Entitled “Penny Farthing Vandal”, the popular British street artist resurrected his signature vandal to life with this brand new tribute to NYC. Riding a super cool Penny Farthing, the elegant vandal

Trust Icon creates a new piece on the streets of East London, UK

While we last heard from him a few weeks ago in sunny Los Angeles, Trust Icon is now back in the UK where he just wrapped up this new piece in London.Painting in Shoreditch, the British street artist quickly worked his way through this signature stencil piece. This was made possible with the help of

NME paints a new stencil piece in Dawlish, UK

NME is starting his year with a brand new stencil piece entitled “Happy New Year. The Change Starts Here”.The British street artist quickly painted this monochrome artwork which is sure to become hyper popular over the social medias. If you are in the area, the piece was painted in the city of Dawlish in the