Liqen New Mural In Quito, Ecuador

Passing through Quito, Ecuador, Liqen recently painted this beautiful indoor piece at the “Centro Cosmológico del Aguacatl”According to the story, the monkey is guided by Cotopaxi (a volcano in Ecuador) which is also a symbol of passion. He is also seen sitting on top of a “huevacatero”, a mythological tree that grows in the mountains

Conor Harrington New Mural In Mallorca, Spain

London-based Conor Harrington recently stopped by Spain for the Wide Walls Event where he dropped this new piece somewhere on the streets of Mallorca, an island located in the Mediterranean Sea.The Irish painter and his distinctive style delivers yet another amazing mural which portrays a young boy.Check back with us soon for more updates from Spain…

Prozak New Mural In São Paulo, Brazil

Celso Mazo aka Prozak just completed this new mural on the streets of São Paulo, Brazil.Painting his last mural before flying to Belgium, the Brazilian painter delivers one of his signature colourful psychedelic pieces.If you are in the area, you will find this one on the Beco do Batman, Rua Harmonia.Check back with us soon for

Stinkfish x APC New Mural In Bogotá, Colombia

Stinkfish is back in his hometown of Bogotá, Colombia where he just completed this new collaboration with his friends from the APC crew.As usual with the Colombian artist, he delivers a one layer stencil combined with some of his signature abstractions.Check back with us soon for more by Stinkfish…

Vhils New Mural In Progress, San Juan, Puerto Rico

After Australia last week (covered), Vhils is now in Puerto Rico for the fourth edition of Santurce Es Ley.The Portoguese artist and his crew are currently working on this large portrait which should be completed in the next few days so check back with us soon for the final shots. First picture by Martha Cooper

DAL “T4” New Mural In Shanghai, China

After two superb murals in Wuhan (Part I – Part II), DALeast has now arrived in East China where he just completed “T4”, his brand new piece on the streets of Shanghai.The Chinese artist painted this powerful image on the crumbling walls of houses being destroyed.The result is a beautiful tribute to forgotten and powerless

Faith47 New Murals In Shanghai, China

While you discovered a first piece in Wuhan a few days ago (covered), Faith47 has now arrived in Shanghai where she just completed this amazing series of murals entitled “The Taming Of The Beasts”.The South African painter decided to bring the spirits of African Rhinos to Asia, to help settling their restless spirits.One of these

DAL New Mural In Wuhan, China (Part II)

While you discovered a first piece a few days ago (covered), DAL is still in China where he just completed this great new piece in Wuhan, China.Entitled “50m Retirement”, this mural was painted for the mysterious WOW project. If you stop by Wuhan, this one can be seen on XinyuanLane.Next up for DAL is Shanghai,