Faith47 New Mural In Wuhan, China

South African artist Faith47 is now in China where she just completed this new piece entitled “Transience Of Ego”.SAN spent some time with Faith while she painted this beautiful new piece which can be seen somewhere on the streets of Wuhan, the capital of the Hubei province.Stay tuned for more new walls from Faith47 in China soon…

Miss Van & Dan Quintana New Mural in Culver City, USA

French street artist Miss Van teamed up with the Los-Angeles based painter Dan Quintana to work on this new mural in Culver City, California. Organised by Branded Arts, this new piece featuring one of Miss Van’s signature “Poupee” can be seen on Washington Blvd & National in Culver City.Next up for Branded Arts, Meggs, so stay

Phlegm New Murals In NYC

British muralist/illustrator Phlegm, is currently in NYC, coping with the extreme heat by working on some fresh new murals all over the city.  The largest one is located on the West Side while the two smaller ones are in the East Village. The last piece which was painted on the existing mural that Israeli artist

Vinz “Don’t Be Afraid” New Mural In Valencia Destroyed By The Police

The Spanish National police touched a new low on Monday Afternoon when three policeman allegedly destroyed VinZ‘s new mural (covered).Witnesses are reporting that the National Police showed up on Monday at 1.30PM and ripped off the police figures while leaving the naked women intact.Incubarte director, Javier Seafood, has filed a complaint and has publicly stated

Vhils New Murals In Shanghai, China (Part II)

VHILS aka Alexandre Farto and his crew recently descended upon Shanghai (Part I) to work on the walls of a few unnamed residences currently being destroyed.The Portuguese artist used the portraits of evicted residents as a template for murals carved on the crumbling walls of houses being destroyed.The result is a temporary tribute to forgotten

Nathan Bowen New Street Pieces For See No Evil In Bristol

Our friend Nathan Bowen is also in Bristol for See No Evil, he painted a couple of his iconic Demon Builders characters around and about Nelson Street. Expect a lot more updates from Bristol over the coming days, loads of artists are still painting fresh pieces.

The Dude Company in Brooklyn

French stencil artist extraordinaire The Dude Company returns to Brooklyn. Check out a full set of images here.