SWEET TOOF & AIDA WILDE Print release: GentriFUCKation
December 18, 2018
2 min read
Legendary UK artist SWEET TOOF and Screenprinting Queen AIDA WILDE have teamed up to celebrate 10 years of print collaboration, from ‘East End Sucks’ to ‘GentriFuck’. The ultra limited screenprinted edition measures 100 x 40 cm and comes in three colour variants, with glitter and gold tooth for £220  or go for Gold Bling AP…
Sweet Toof paints a new mural in WIlliamsburg Brooklyn, NYC
January 10, 2015
2 min read
UK Street artist Sweet Toof has been tearing up the streets of NYC for the last month or so.  In conjunction with his solo show in the Brookyn Naval Yards @ Pandemic Gallery entitled “Derailed” Sweet Toof has been continuing his mini NYC take over with a brand spanking new mural in Williamsburg Brooklyn. World…
Sweet Toof New Mural – Hackney, East London
June 12, 2014
1 min read
Sweet Toof is back on the streets of Hackney with this massive new piece which just popped up along the canal. One of the finest pieces we’ve seen around London this year.Sweet Toof masterfully blends urban detritus with bygone decadence. Fusing ancient methods with modern materials, Sweet Toof’s imagery combines layers of historical and current…
Paul Insect & Sweet Toof New Murals In Mexico City, Mexico
April 17, 2013
1 min read
While we are accustomed to hear from them in UK, Paul Insect and Sweet Toof are currently in North America visiting Mexico.The British painters have been spending a few weeks in Mexico DF where they painted heaps of new colourful and playful murals around the city.If you stop by Mexico City, you’ll be able to…
Sweet Toof “Sweet Revenge” New London Exhibition Coverage
August 11, 2012
1 min read
Last night in London, our friend Butterfly attended the opening of “Sweet revenge”, the new Exhibition by Sweet Toof in London.Having chewed up the streets of London’s east end, Sweet Toof takes a bite out of HackneyWick again with his mini retrospective exhibition which included a new series of originals artworks, other pieces never seen…
Sweet Toof New Mural In London
March 7, 2012
1 min read
Here’s a fantastic new mural by British artist Sweet Toof, this one can be seen on Ravenscroft Street in London.Together with Cyclops, Mighty Mo and TEK33 and many others, Sweet Toof’s used to be part of the notorious Burning Candy Crew – one of the most important and prolific street art graffiti crews painting in the…
London’s Streets: The Burning Candy Crew
July 6, 2011
1 min read
Tomorrow at Tony’s Gallery,  The Burning Candy Crew will open their newest exhibition “A Fist Full Of Paint” Just in time for the opening TenThree decided to run around the city to bring you some fresh snaps from the crew that continue to dominate the walls of East London. Some of the members are Sweet…
Sweet Toof “The Maiden” New Print Available Now!
June 29, 2011
1 min read
Sweet Toof‘s latest print is now available to buy online via High Roller Society. “The Maiden“ Hand-embellished one colour silkscreen print with gold glitter tooth. Dimensions: 50cm. x 70cm. Signed & Numbered Edition of 20 Price: £180 Click HERE for availability.
Sweet Toof, Malarky & Mr Penfold New Shutters, East London
May 15, 2011
1 min read
Malarky and Sweet Toof Fresh new shutters were painted last night in East London by Sweet Toof, Malarky And Mr Penfold.Sweet Toof just got back from his US trip and he’s already bizzy in the streets! East London and Roman Road are now looking a whole lot fresher. Malarky and Sweet Toof Malarky and Sweet…
Sweet Toof and Paul Insect, London Rooftop Timelapse Video
April 28, 2011
1 min read
Sweet Toof and Paul Insect, London Rooftop Timelapse Video Take one of London’s less accessible rooftops, 50 litres of paint and give them to Sweet Toof and Paul Insect for 4 nights and what you get is a visible-from-space collaborative masterpiece. The painting is a double headed face munching away at the rooftop hut. The…

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