Ludo New Street Pieces – Tokyo, Japan

After a few days in Thailand and Bangkok, Ludo is now in Japan where he started working his way through the streets of Tokyo.As usual with the French artist, he wheat-pasted a series of hand-painted pasters which are showing some of his trademark green imagery.Hit the jump for more images from Ludo and check back

Invader New Invasions – Tokyo, Japan (Part I)

After Hong-Kong, Invader is back in Asia where he just arrived in Tokyo to work on a new wave of invasions.Working through the night, the French artist dropped a series of his signature mosaic invaders for the locals to enjoy.Continue reading for more images on these new invasions and check back with us very soon for

D*Face “Goodbye Kitty” New Street Piece – Shibuya, Tokyo

After a first piece on the streets of Tokyo (covered), D*Face is back in Shibuya where he quickly painted this new piece entitled “Goodbye Kitty”.The London-based street artist was in town for his exhibition at Parco Japan (coverage coming soon).Continue reading for more detailed images from our friend Mura-San and then if you are in

D*Face New Street Art – Shibuya, Tokyo

After a massive wall in Malaga, Spain (covered), D*Face is now in Asia where he just wrapped up this new mural in Tokyo, Japan.In town for the upcoming opening of his exhibition at Parco Japan, the stencil artist and his crew quickly painted this signature piece yesterday in the district of Shibuya.Continue reading for more

Martin Whatson “Less Is More” New Street Art In Asakusa – Tokyo, Japan

Our first post this Monday brings us the ultra popular Norwegian Street Artist Martin Whatson which is still busy in Japan where he just dropped this new stencil entitled “Less Is More” in Asakusa, a district of Tokyo.If you are in the neighbourhood, you’ll be able to find “Less Is More” on 2 Chome-24-2 Asakusa, Taito, Tokyo.Take

JR New Mural In Tokyo, Japan

JR is currently in Tokyo, Japan for his latest exhibition entitled “Could Art Change The World?” at The Watari Museum of Contemporary Art.The Renowned French photographer and his crew spent the last few days in Shibuya working on this large-scale mural.If you stop by Tokyo soon, this one can be seen on the Watari Museum at 東京都渋谷区神宮前3丁目7−6,

DOLK “Kitty Riot” New Mural In Tokyo, Japan (Part IV)

After Osaka (Part I – Part II) and Shibuya (Part I – Part II – Part III), DOLK has just completed this new mural in Harajuku, a fashion area between Shibuya and Shinjuku. Our amazing Yamamura-San just sent us a series of shots of this sweet 10 meters high stencil which is featuring DOLK’s famous “Kitty

DOLK New Mural In Tokyo, Japan (Part III)

After “Winner” yesterday (covered), Here’s another fresh new piece from DOLK in Tokyo, Japan.Once again located in the Shibuya district, this new piece which appeared two days ago seems to be depicting the evolution process of mankind with a graffiti theme.If you are in Tokyo, this one can also been seen at the PARCO close