The 10 Most Popular Street Art Pieces Of January 2014

1. Maser – Limerick City, Ireland February is just around the corner and it’s time for our monthly top 10 street art pieces (based on unique page-views), with a brilliant piece from Maser in Ireland, featuring as number one for January.This month brings us a wide variety of styles, and several fantastic artists are appearing for

The 25 Most Popular Street Art Pieces Of 2013

1. Banksy – USA With 2013 coming to an end, its time to unveil the 25 most popular pieces of the year (based on unique pageviews) on StreetArtNews. 2013’s most notorious event has been Banksy’s month long show in New York City, “Better Out Than In” and to no surprise he ranks #1 this year.

The 10 Most Popular Street Art Pieces Of November 2013

1. Suso33 – Madrid, Spain We welcome back the monthly Top 10 street art pieces (based on unique pageviews) with a superb unique piece from Suso33, featuring at number one for November. In contrast to last months Top 10 Chart which should have featured Banksy only, we see six fantastic artists feature for the first

The 10 Most Popular Murals Of October 2013

1. Banksy – New York City Our October’s Top 10 Street Art Pieces (based on unique page views) is finally here and with no surprise Banksy ranks at the top of the ladder – and in all further slots 2-10. To avoid a Banksy-filled Top 10 (haven’t you had enough of him for one month

The 10 Most Popular Murals Of September 2013

1. Banksy – USA Our third monthly Top 10 viewed pieces (based on unique page views) leads with no surprises, with Banksy’s first piece since 2012 in the number one spot. This cheeky stencil, which precedes Banksy’s October exhibition, was revealed it just over a week ago and has since become our second most viewed street art

The 10 Most Popular Murals Of August 2013

1. Smug One – Limerick, Ireland Time for round two of our monthly round-up of the ten most popular murals (based on unique page views) featured on StreetArtNews. August’s top ten features solely animals and human subjects but in a broad selection of artistic styles bound to inspire and impress. Number 1 this month is

The 10 Most Popular Murals Of July 2013

1. Conor Harrington – Rochester, USA We kick off our first ever monthly Top 10 with Conor Harrington who leads the 10 most viewed murals in our traffic logs. Despite only being shared towards the end of the month, this awesome Rochester mural managed to make it all the way to number one with more