“Rotokaha” by Fin DAC in Mount Maunganui, New Zealand

After completing his Taaniko mural last week for the Street Prints Mauao Festival, our friend Fin DAC hung around in Mount Maunganui, New Zealand to paint another piece before heading to Australia. The Irish artist spent 3 days completing ‘Rotokaha’ (Maori for ‘inner strength’) over the Xmas period. The piece continues the Polynesian theme but teamed

DZIA in Antwerp, Belgium

Our amigo DZIA is back in Belgium where he just wrapped up this sweet new piece somewhere on the streets of Antwerp. It took a few hours for the prolific muralist to create this series of stunning deers painted using his energetic and colorful line-work. His graphic style, with swirling strong lines, is instantly recognizable.

Freddy Sam in Nagua, Dominican Republic

South African muralist Freddy Sam recently stopped by the city of Nagua in Dominican Republic to paint for the always excellent ArteSano street art project. This mural is a continuation of a series of paintings exploring interconnectedness and non-duality. The wave knows it is the ocean and the ocean knows it is a wave. The image

L7M in Loures, Portugal

Constantly traveling around the globe, L7M is now in Europe where he just finished a series of new pieces in lovely Portugal. Painting on the streets of Loures, the Brazilian street artist dusted off one of his vibrant and colorful birds with this black crow which is entwined in colors and patterns. Roughness and elegance are

Stinkfish in Quito, Ecuador

Our friend Stinkfish recently spent some time in lovely Ecuador where he was invited to paint on the streets of Quito for the Detonarte Street Art Festival. After a few days of hard work on this large building, the Colombian muralist brought to life some of his signature imagery for the locals to enjoy. His work

“Cisza” an installation by Lukasz Berger in Lodz, Poland

“Silence” (“Cisza”) is a unique artistic installation by Lukasz Berger which consists of 1300 metal bars made of stainless steel. These metal bars are fixed directly to the wall by chemical anchors and they are arranged by size – from the shortest elements (3cm) to the longest (60cm). The installation was just unveiled in Lodz,

Invader’s 6th wave of Invasion in New York City

Invader spent the last few days in New York City where he worked his way through his 6th wave of Invasion. After several restless nights, 42 new pieces have just appeared in the Big Apple. This is the most accomplished Invasion ever undertaken in this city, with some space invaders mosaics but also tributes to

Roamcouch is back with a new mural in Japan

Japanese street artist Roamcouch is back with a brand new mural depicting a dreamy gondola ride featuring his trademark stars and whimsical children. Located on the side of the Irikata flood prevention warehouse in Higashimusubu, Anpachi-cho,Anpachi-gun, Gifu, Japan, and measuring 6m x 5m the viewer is transported to the canals of Venice while being engulfed