Canyon Castator “A Clean Break” Print Release – August 19th

Contemporary artist Canyon Castator will be bringing us his distinctive visual universe of symbolic, complex and dreamlike scenery which he has created. Carl Kostyál & StreetArtNews collaborated with Canyon to create out this limited edition print entitled “A Clean Break”. This artwork will be released this August 19, Wednesday, 5PM UK time. This screen print comes

“Gardien de Crécerelle” by Telmo Miel in Boulogne, France

Muralist duo from the Netherlands, Telmo Miel just worked on their second mural in Boulogne, France entitled “Gardien de Crécerelle”.  It is French for ‘Guardian of the Kestrels’; Kestrels are birds of prey, and in the surrounding area of Boulogne. This species of birds is now considered endangered. The mural depicts a woman that has four

Floor murals by Hell’o and Oli-B in Belgium

Belgian artists Hell’o and Oli-B have made two new art pieces in Brussels and Hasselt, Belgium. Hell’o have painted a basketball court in Hasselt, Belgium, during the Summer Carnival curated by Alley Gallery and Street Art Festival Hasselt. Hell’o Collective is the brainchild of Jerôme Meynen and Antoine Detaille. The two Belgian artists came up writing

“L’échassier” by MonkeyBird in Boulogne, France

French contemporary artists MonkeyBird recently worked on a new mural entitled “L’échassier” for Boulogne Street Art Festival in France. The mural measures 8 x 9 meters and was completed with handmade stencils. MonkeyBird is a duo of young artists from Bordeaux — Temor and Blow the Bird. They are known for using symbolic anthropomorphism in their

“Arno River Imaginary Topography” by Andreco in Florence, Italy

Italian artist Andreco recently finished a mural in Florence, Italy. Arno – Imaginary Topography, a 350 square meters site-specific intervention located in the central courtyard of Manifattura Tabacchi. It is his first public artwork after the lock-down. The work, curated by Caterina Taurelli Salimbeni (MIM – Made in Manifattura), represents an imaginary topography beginning from the shape

“Frágil” by David de la Mano in Montevideo, Uruguay

Spanish contemporary artist David de la Mano recently worked on another mural in the neighborhood of Buceo, Montevideo. It features the upside down word “Frágil” in bold black and white text. David de la Mano is known for his large dystopian murals characterized by monochromatic composition and accumulation of human figures, as well as their

“Le Pêcheur” by Telmo Miel in Boulogne, France

Artistic duo Telmo Miel is back with a new mural entitled “Le Pêcheur” in Boulogne, France. ‘Le Pêcheur’ is french for fisherman, the idea behind this piece is being a provider for yourself and others — something we all felt and thought about in the last months. Telmo Miel have been home for a while like

Artist Interview: Travis Fish

Contemporary American artist Travis Fish has been a rising name in the global art scene. Originally from Wisconsin, Travis lives and works in New-York City. Travis Fish paints catchy motifs, shirts, pants, luxury sweatshirts and portraits as if he had put them on his large format canvases in no time. His art seems childish, naive,