Preview – The Mural Project “An Ode to NY” – Succulent Studios – Brooklyn, NY

Tonight at Succulent Studios in Greepoint Brooklyn in conjunction with #EVERYONEONLY Productions there will be a private invite only viewing of The Mural Project previously featured at the Governors Ball Music Festival.  See my past review here.  Attendees will be treated to pieces both big and small by artists such as Icy & Sot, Fumero,

Preview – RoamCouch “A Beautiful Life” – Under The Bridge Gallery – Brooklyn, NYC

Tomorrow night June 27th at Under The Bridge Gallery in South Williamsburg Brooklyn will be hosting the opening reception for the world-renowed Japanese stencil artist Roamcouch. Roamcouch is known for his knack to create prints and canvases featuring whimsical images of famous landmarks from around the world.  Roamcouch in his solo showing has created a

Solus – Interview & Mural @ The Bushwick Collective – Brooklyn, NYC

Earlier this week Irish street artist Solus sat down with me to discuss street art, galleries, Ireland, and more… Solus is a very polite soft spoken guy with a Rollie Fingers mustache.  Always traveling to the next empty wall ready to paint something even bigger and bolder than his last piece.  Although Solus can seem

The Mural project – Governors Ball Music Festival – Randall’s Island, NYC

The folks over at EVERYONE ONLY along with the Governor’s Ball Music Festival created the first The Mural Project interactive art exhibition which melded street art with the crowd at one of NYC’s biggest music festivals.  Artists included Icy & Sot, Fumero, Robots Will Kill, Whisbe, Chris Stain, Craig Anthony Miller, Juan Carlos Pinto, Magda

Rustam Qbic New Mural – Moscow, Russia

Russian artist Rustam Qbic recently finished this big commissioned mural on the streets of Moscow. Showing a young boy working on his laptop, while sitting in a giant lotus above the city, this piece is a typical example of his surrealist work he’s been creating. Kazan-based artist painted this piece in 4 days with one

Preview – The Mural project – Governors Ball Music Festival – Randall’s Island, NYC

Every year New Yorkers are treated to a genre bending music festival at Randall’s Island.  This year along with bands like The Strokes & Outkast patrons will be surrounded by murals painted and pasted by some of NYC’s best street artists (with some help from some foreign friends) including Icy & Sot, Fumero, Robots Will

Dan Witz – Interview & Studio Visit – Brooklyn, NYC

Earlier this week I had the pleasure of visiting street artist Dan Witz’s studio and home in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.  You might be wondering who is Dan Witz?  He doesn’t hide his face, or use a four-letter moniker like BAST or DOLK.  Instead Dan Witz inadvertently became a pioneer in the street art world. Dan moved

Preview – The Bushwick Collective Art Show – Blek Le Rat, Dan Witz, Joe Iurato, Jerkface, Solus, Beau Stanton & Many More – Brooklyn, NYC

Tomorrow night will mark the first curated gallery show by the Bushwick Collective featuring an amazing line-up of artists featuring Blek Le Rat, Dan Witz, Joe Iurato, Jerkface, Solus, Beau Stanton, Rubin415, Chris Stain, Zimad, Sexer, Atom, & FKDL. The Bushwick Collective who have single handedly transformed countless walls in the up and coming neighborhood