“The Consumed” by Shok-1 in Dubai, UAE

Shok-1 recently visited the United Arab Emirates where he was invited by Dubai Canvas and Brand Dubai to paint in the district of Jumeirah. After several days of work, the British artist unveiled a brilliant new piece which is showcasing his unique and always impressive X-Ray style. Entitled ‘The Consumed’, the piece shows a human skull morphed

Askew “Tiva” Limited Edition Hand-Painted Screen Print

We kick off 2016 with a brand new and exciting unique edition coming straight from New Zealand with our friend Askew and JUSTKIDS. Askew is recognized worldwide for his unique approach to graffiti art and remains at the forefront of the international art scene through constantly exploring new and exciting styles in a world of imitators. With

Pixel Pancho in in Youssoufia, Morocco

While we last heard from him on the streets of Rome a few days ago, Pixel Pancho and our friends from Sericraft just travelled to Youssoufia in Morocco for the Street Art Caravan Festival. Specializing in robotic creatures, the globe-trotting Italian artist created this impressive piece of work showing a rather large bird feeding its

Ella & Pitr for Nuart in Stavanger, Norway

Following the overwhelming success of Ella & Pitr’s collaboration with Nuart Festival in 2015, the much-loved French couple returned to Stavanger recently to leave their mark across the region again. The industrious duo painted a new mural during a two-day snowstorm on a dilapidated four-story building in Stavanger centre. Titled “La fonte des glaces” (or

“11 Mirages to the Freedom” by Okuda in Youssoufia, Morocco

Okuda recently spent some time in Morocco where he was invited to paint a new church for the Street Art Caravane event. Painting on the streets of Youssoufia, the Spanish street artist spent a few days to create this vibrant piece of work entitled “11 Mirages to the Freedom”. The piece feature some of his ultra colorful

St+Art India: Reko Rennie in New Delhi

Reko Rennie is an Australian artist who explores his Aboriginal identity through contemporary mediums. Rennie’s art incorporates his association to the Kamilaroi people, using traditional geometric patterning that represents his community. Through his art, Rennie provokes discussion surrounding Indigenous culture and identity in contemporary urban environments. Reko was invited by the good people from St+Art India

“Cuerpo de Adaptación – Ensayo de Proceso Inverso” by Elian in Buenos Aires

Like all historical neighborhood of all cities in the world, the walls of buildings, are a great test of the time passing by, and historical reflection. The concept of Elian’s latest work is based on highlighting the original texture of the building with the intention to prove that the city functions as a dynamic body and

“Teseo e il Minotauro” by Pixel Pancho in Rome, Italy

After his successful solo exhibition in Rome with Varsi Gallery, Pixel Pancho worked on a massive wall in the district of Primavalle in Rome, Italy. Painting on Via Pietro Bembo 35, the Italian artist brought to life this beautiful artwork showing the legend of Theseus and his fight with the Minotaur. Theseus was a founding hero,