Deih “You Are Here” Limited Edition Hand-Painted Screen Print

By now you’re probably aware of the distinctly work of Deih. He hails from Valencia where he is something of a legend, apart from murals he is big time player in the comic and animation world and makes some very amazing work. He keeps his instagram regularly updated (here) so don’t just take our word for it. We persuaded him to

¨Publico/ Privada¨ by Hyuro in Fortaleza, Brazil

Hyuro just returned from Brazil where she was invited by the Street Art Festival Concreto to bring to life some of her work on the streets of Fortaleza. Inspired by the abortion theme, she created yet another fantastic artwork. Abortion is completely forbiden in five countries in the world, four of them are in Latin

SeaCreative paints in an abandoned factory in Varese, Italy

As an avid Urban explorer, SeaCreative recently stumbled upon some amazingly textured blank walls somewhere inside a creepy abandoned factory located in an undisclosed location around the city of Varese in Italy. Geared with acrylic paint, brushes, rollers and spray paint, the Italian street artist created this simple yet awesome piece showing four vibrant eyes and

Lek & Sowat unveil an installation at the Villa Medici in Rome

To launch their one year residency at the legendary Villa Medici in Rome, Italy, Lek & Sowat created this ephemeral installation, partly covering the inner facade of the Roman palace edified in 1576 by Bartolomeo Ammannati. Playing with the chromatic and architectural subtleties of the building, Lek & Sowat’s work seem to wrap around Giambologna’s

Several murals by EVER appear in Buenos Aires

Our buddy Ever has been rather busy in his hometown of Buenos Aires in Argentina where he painted and created several new murals. His work is shifting towards portraits of people, which he claimed is due to the influence of Gustav Klimt, Francis Bacon and Vincent van Gogh. Ever’s preference is to paint ordinary people,

The Hula blends water and street art in Florida

Sean Yoro aka The Hula just finished working on a brand new piece somewhere in West Palm Beach, Florida. Inspired by being confined into our own boxes, the American street artist once again used water as part of his artwork to create this beautiful piece showing a young woman which seems to be trapped in

“C10H15N”, a new mural by Axel Void in Gainesville, Florida

Axel Void was recently invited in Gainesville, where he was given the chance to beautify the local streets with some of his artwork. Gainesville is considered a college town. The nature of the town has been subjected to the structure of the university campus. In my view, this format impedes the town’s development towards its

Big Bad Wolf – The Jasper Wong Collection

For their first full collection, Big Bad Wolf have compiled a menagerie of items that including a tee, varsity jacket, shorts and a hat. It’s all you need to keep your little one looking cool for the holidays. The designs feature exclusive artwork by acclaimed artist, designer and curator, Jasper Wong. It is all inspired by the