Hyuro in Valencia, Spain

Our friend Hyuro just wrapped up a new mural in Spain for the Poliniza Dos street art festival which took place on the streets of Valencia. The Cabanyal neighborhood is a Protected Historical Set of the city of Valencia, declared Good of Cultural Interest in 1993. Since 1998 the neighborhood was threatened by a municipal project

Na7t for Ajman Murals in UAE

We continue our ongoing coverage of the Ajman Murals project with a brand new piece from NA7T which was completed a few days ago. Working primarily with Caligraphy, the Ajman-based artist spent a few days to paint what is his largest mural to date. Mixing white and gold against a black background that really pops,

New pieces by Ludo in Paris, France

While we last heard from him a few days ago, Ludo is back with two brand new large-scale pieces that just appeared somewhere on the streets of Paris in France. As usual with the French artist, he brought to life some of his signature imagery which will surely be enjoyed by the local residents. Mixing

eL Seed in Ajman, UAE

Arabic Calligraphy artist eL Seed recently completed a beautiful new piece with NA7Tdesigns in Ajman, UAE for the Ajman Mural Project. Painting in downtown, the French-Tunisian artist brought to life another of his signature pieces which will surely be enjoyed by the locals for years to come. Big, bold and unmissable, they present a fresh take

Why Do We Love Art?

Do you view graffiti as art? No? Before you dismiss it as random scrawling by disenfranchised souls striking out against civilization, pause to think about the work of street artists who paint on the side of buildings like Banksy, Alexandre Farto (aka Vhils), or Tavar Zawacki? Their work is far from whimsical or profane. Street

Preview: Buff Monster “The Melty Manifesto” Book Signing 07/20/17, NYC

A year and half in the making, The Melty Manifesto explores the conceptual basis for my work and answers the question: “Why ice cream?” I discuss the importance of the Renaissance, the promise of social media, the future were living into and the reasons and methods for sharing creativity with the world. At the end,

“American Beauty” by Ludo in Paris

Constantly active on the streets of Paris since years, Ludo just returned to his favorite city with a brand new piece that just popped up a few days ago. Entitled “American Beauty”, the French artist brought to life another signature piece which is featuring some of his green-tinted imagery. This one goes straight to the

Rooftop by Fin DAC in San Francisco

Our friend Fin DAC is definitely a man of his word. Hot on the heels of his recent Bratislava piece, the Irish artist presents us with another street piece for 2017… and, as promised, this isn’t just a mural. ‘Shukumei’ is an addition to the artist’s ‘Hidden Beauty’ series but, as stated by the artist