“Home”, a new mural by REKA in New York City

Our friend REKA is currently in the Big Apple where he just finished working on a brand new piece entitled “Home”. Based on the immigration theme, the piece shows an house, a key lock, two hands holding a heart, and a face encompassing all. If you stop by New York City in the coming weeks,

Case unveils a new piece in Jersey City, USA

The Bushwick Collective and Manacontemporary recently joined forces to bring over our buddy Case Ma’Claim on the streets of Jersey City.The German street artist was given the opportunity to work his magic on the side a huge building located downtown. After a few days of work Case unveiled this brilliant piece showing some of his

Saner paints a large mural in Philadelphia

After Zaragoza in Spain, Saner is now back in North America where he was invited by the Mural Arts program to create a new mural in Philadelphia.The Mexican artist created this beautiful piece showing the embrace of a couple dressed up with masks and traditional Mexican outfits. The name of the piece is “Philos &

Eddie Colla & Nite Owl collaborate on a series of pieces in Goldfield, Nevada

On a whim, and perhaps out of a mix of boredom and curiosity, Oakland artists Nite Owl and Eddie Colla loaded up their car and drove 10 hours to the “International Car Forest of the Last Church” in Goldfield Nevada. The International Car Forest of the Last Church is a hallowed earthen automobile graveyard, with

‘Estamos Todos Los Que Cabemos’, a new mural by Faith47 in New York City

Our friend Faith47 is currently in North America where she just finished working on a brand new mural in Harlem for Monument Art.This new piece was painted as part of the monument art NYC project which is focusing on the issue of immigration. ‘estamos todos los que cabemos’ speaks of the migrationary patterns of birds, observing

Life Is Beautiful ’15: “Meerkat”, a new mural by Bordalo II in Las Vegas

Our friend Bordalo II was also in Las Vegas, Nevada where he participated in the third edition of the always excellent Life Is Beautiful Festival which was curated by JUSTKIDS.Geared with spray paint and a dumpster of trash, the Portuguese street artist created this unique installation showing a group of Meerkat chilling against a bus.

Shepard Fairey paints a new mural in Jersey City, USA

Shepard Fairey and his crew just finished working on a 147-feet long and 47-feet high mural on the streets of Jersey City in the USA.Commissioned by Mana Contemporary and coinciding with a new exhibition of Fairey’s work at Jacob Lewis Gallery, the American artist brought to life this signature piece showing one of his ladies combined

Evoca1 creates a new mural in Saint Petersburg, Florida

Evoca1 recently spent some time in the city of Saint Petersburg, Florida for the Shine On Pete Street Art Festival.The Miami-based artist created this monumental piece showing a little girl laying down next to her Doberman. A simple but powerful image from the Dominican muralist!Take a look at a lot more images after the break