‘APC’ – New mural by VESOD in Turin, Italy

Let’s talk again about the talented Italian artist Vesod Brero who has just finished a new thrilling and unbelievable wall in his, almost, hometown (Turin) titled APC. The work is part of a project promoted by the Municipality of Turin called #TOWARD2030 which includes the creation of various murals in the coming years all around the

“Event Horizon” production: a new mural for Vesod in Campobasso for Draw the line Festival

This year’s edition of Draw the Line Festival located in Campobasso and organized by Malatesta Associati, has seen the participation of great contemporary urban artists, including Vesod Brero. Turin based Artist and friend Vesod made an impressive mural on the exterior facade of a building in Via Marche 5 (Quartiere San Giovanni) entitled “ Lights on

Etnik & Vesod collaborate on a new piece in Thessaloniki, Greece

The UrbanArtsVenture Street Art Festival recently took place in Greece where our friends Etnik and Vesod were invited.Painting on the streets of Thessaloniki, the Italian duo spent a few days working on this beautiful piece which will surely be enjoyed by the local residents. Mixing Etnik’s geometric imagery with Vesod’s figurative work, the end result

Sepe x Tone x Corn79 x Vesod paint a large collaboration in Gemona, Italy

Polish artist Sepe was recently in Gemona, Italy, where he created a collab piece with Tone x Corn79 x Vesod, in memory of huge earthquake that has completely destroyed the town in that year.Titled 2Friuli 1976″ this mural shows an epicenter of an earthquake from which the artist painted their vision of disaster following it.

Vesod New Mural For StreetAlps – Pinerolo, Italy

Italian artist Vesod just finished working on this massive new piece for the StreetAlps Festival somewhere on the streets of Pinerolo in Italy.Vesod spent a few days working on this impressive piece which is talking about freedom through the power of the wind… Vesod’s attention to the human figure as well as to geometrical abstraction creates

Vesod New Mural – Venaria Reale, Italy

Vesod recently stopped by the city of Venaria Reale in Italy where he spent a few days working on this new street piece.The Italian street artist painted an impressive and wonderful mural which is mixing some “Graffuturism” elements with some more traditional imagery. Vesod’s attention to the human figure as well as to geometrical abstraction creates a