Video: Fordistas @ Miami’s Art Basel 2014

Founded in 2010 by the Wynwood-based creative lab product/81 and in partnership with the Ford Motor Company, the Fordistas Residency program has sought to explore the evolution of work by street and graffiti artists when placed in a gallery environment.The Art Basel closing exhibition featured works by 2501, 2Alas, Alexis Diaz, Elian, Pastel, Jufe, Ever

Art Basel ’14: Fin DAC paints two new pieces in Wynwood, Miami

We continue our ongoing Art Basel 2014 coverage with Fin DAC and his newest pieces on the streets of Wynwood, Miami.The Irish street artist quickly worked his way through these two beautiful pieces showing his signature sexy asian ladies. The first piece is located at the Jose De Diego Middle School for the Raw Project

Art Basel ’14: Martin Ron unveils a new piece in Wynwood, Miami

Coming straight from South America, Martin Ron was also in Miami for Art Basel where he was invited by Vice Gallery to paint a new piece in the district of Wynwood.As usual with the Argentinean muralist, he painted an hyper realistic surrealist imagery on a huge scale. The piece is entitled “From Argentina With Love”.Hit

Art Basel ’14: DFace paints “Suck Face”, a new mural for the Raw Project in Miami

Our friend DFace is still in Wynwood, Miami for Art Basel 2014 where he just finished working on this new piece for Branded Arts and The Raw Project.While you discovered his first piece a few days ago, the British artist didn’t take no rest and went straight to the Jose De Diego Middle School to

Art Basel ’14: RONE paints a beautiful portrait in Wynwood, Miami

Our buddy RONE is also roaming the streets of the lovely Miami where he flew straight from the other side of the world aka Australia to paint for Art Basel 2014.The globe-trotting Melbourne-based artist spent a few hours working on one of his new ladies for the local arty crowd to enjoy. This portrait is

Art Basel ’14: Bikismo creates a mind-boggling metallic mural in Wynwood, Miami

The joy of Puerto Rico aka Bikismo has also landed on the excellent Planet Art Basel located in the galaxy of Miami, Florida.Painting for the Raw Project at the Jose De Diego Middle School, Bik spent about 4 days working on this metallic pooch made entirely using spray-paint. As usual the Puerto Rican muralist shows

Art Basel ’14: Ever and Smithe collaborate on a new mural in Wynwood, Miami

Our friend Ever is currently in sunny Florida for Art Basel 2014 where he just teamed up with Smithe to work on this new collaboration on the streets of Miami.Painting in the district of Wynwood, the newly formed Mexican-Argentinean duo quickly worked their way through this beautiful piece which is featuring each artist’s distinctive style

Art Basel ’14: 2501 unveils a new mural in Miami, USA

Our friend 2501 has landed in Florida for the upcoming Art Basel 2014 event where he just wrapped up a new piece on the streets of sunny Miami.Taking inspiration from the painting by Max Hernst “The Black forest”, this artwork is the first wall which is featuring 2501’s new experimental lines texture.Continue reading for a

Art Basel ’14: Martin Whatson, Eine, Zacharevic and more @ Scope Art Show Miami with Black Book Gallery

Art Basel Miami 2014 is about to kick off and if like us, you are on your way to Florida for the event, you should definitely stop by the Scope International Contemporary Art Show on Miami Beach where the Black Book Gallery will be showing a brilliant line up of street artists. This year’s edition

Faith47 and Axel Void collaborate on a new piece in Rio San Juan, Dominican Republic

Seems like collaborations are trendy these days! After painting with Alexis Diaz in Miami for Art Basel, Faith47 is now in Dominican Republic where she teamed up with Axel Void to work on a new street piece.In town for the ArteSano Street Art Festival, the newly formed South African – Spanish duo spent a few