Axel Void paints “Nobody” on the streets of Newark, USA

While he’s on his way to attend the Board Dripper Festival in Mexico, Axel Void was recently in New Jersey where he worked a few hours on “Nobody”.Creating on the streets of Newark, the talented artist and his amazing technique created this piece which as he states represents nothing. Painting throughout history has been used

Axel Void “Life” New Street Piece – Djerba, Tunisia

Our friend Axel Void is also in Tunisia where he was invited by the Galerie Itinerrance to paint for the Djerbahood Project.  This mural was done in the island of Djerba in the Mediterranean sea, in a little village called Erriadh. While painting murals there, I had the chance to meet many kids from the

Axel Void New Mural – Ordes, Spain

Axel Void is currently in Ordes where he just finished working on this new mural as part of the newest edition of the DesOrdes Street Art Festival. This mural is painted in the small town of Ordes on a residency for the elderly. The original image is taken from an anonymous ID photo from a

Axel Void “Gray” New Mural – Graz, Austria

Axel Void is back in Europe where he spent the last few days working on this new piece on the streets of Graz in Austria. Gray is a new conceptual partition of my work. Opposite to “Mediocre”, a series of site-specific works that portray quotidian life and are largely dictated by a story, Gray searches

Axel Void New Mural – Mexico City, Mexico

Axel Void is still in Central America where he just wrapped up this piece somewhere in the Hornos neighbourhood, Mexico City. Hornos (Ovens) is a neighborhood next to where GraffitiWorld has its office.  It got its name because there used to be two big brick ovens in this neighborhood.  After passing by everyday through the

Axel Void “Nada” New Piece – Oaxaca, Mexico

Constantly travelling around the globe, Axel Void is now in Mexico where he just finished working on this new piece entitled “Nada” (nothing) in Oaxaca.This train was painted in the “Museo del Ferroviario” in Oaxaca. It’s an old train station abandoned 10 years ago. The people that worked in the train station built their houses

Axel Void x Lupita New Mural – Aguas Calientes, Mexico

Axel Void is now in Mexico where he just collaborated with the young Lupita on this beautiful new piece somewhere in Aguas Calientes. This mural was painted in the patio “Casa Mais”,  a shelter for the Huicholes indigenes. They stay there during their peregrination to Wirikuta, a sacred land to them. The mural is based on