BEZT creates a large new mural in Providence, USA

Along with Natalia Rak, BEZT from Etam Cru is also in Providence where he was invited by Inoperable and The Avenue Concept.It took about a week for the Polish muralist to create this stunning depiction of a man and his rat. Entitled “She Never Came”, the piece goes straight to the point as we can

“When The Hunter Becomes The Hunted” a new mural by Bezt from Etam Cru in Dunedin, New Zealand

While Sainer stayed in Poland, Bezt from Etam Cru flew to the southern hemisphere where he was invited to work on a new piece in New Zealand.Painting on the streets of Dunedin, the talented Polish artist spent a few days working on this beautiful piece which is entitled “When the hunter becomes the hunted”. The

Natalia Rak and Bezt collaborate on a new piece in Caserta for Memorie Urbane

While we last seen them in Hawaii last February, Natalia Rak and Bezt from Etam Cru are both in Caserta,  Italy for the summer edition of the always excellent Memorie Urbane Street Art Festival.The Polish street art duo worked on two solo pieces on each side of the building. The result is two signature artworks showing

Sainer unveils “Crossroads”, a massive new mural in Lisbon

Sainer, one half of the infamous Etam Cru, recently hopped to Lisbon for another project with Underdogs collective. After releasing a limited edition lithograph with them earlier this year, this time he worked on a massive mural titled “Crossroads”.Working 10 days straight on a large facade of a 10 story building, Polish artist created an

Etam Cru creates a new mural for Wonderwalls in Port Adelaide, Australia

Sainer and BEZT from Etam Cru are currently in Australia where they were invited to paint a massive building somewhere on the streets of Port Adelaide.In town for the first edition of the WonderWalls street art festival, the Polish street art duo quickly worked their way through this signature mural. This time they created a large

Etam Cru paints a huge mural in Rome, Italy

Sainer & Bezt from Etam Cru are currently in Rome for the opening of their first solo show in Italy @ Varsi gallery on 30th of October. During their stay in the city, the Polish artistic duo created this large size mural on a 8 storey building.Painting with no background, using the building’s color and texture as a

Etam Cru New Mural – Lubin, Poland

Polish artists Bezt and Sainer aka Etam Cru, recently spent 5 days working on a fresh new mural on the streets of Lubin in Poland, as a part of LFG: ALL MY CITY ’14 festival organised by the Europejska Fundacja Kultury Miejskiej and Brain Damage Gallery. Dream Catcher is another example of their dynamic mixture of

Etam Cru New Mural – Oslo, Norway

Sainer and Bezt from Etam Cru spent the last few days in Norway working on this new piece somewhere on the streets of Oslo. In town for Urban Samtidskunst, Bezt and Sainer dropped yet another masterpiece with this massive new wall depicting the prolific imagination of young boy brushing his teeth. Etam Cru enjoys to

BEZT New Mural – Montreal, Canada

While you discovered some progress images through our Instagram feed, BEZT has now completed his newest mural on the streets of Montreal, Canada.In town for the second edition of Mural Festival, the Polish artist quickly worked his way through this outstanding street art piece which is sporting some of his trademark imagery.Take a look at