Fikos creates a new piece for Board Dripper in Queretaro, Mexico

Fikos was also part of the line-up for the latest edition of the always excellent Board Dripper festival on the streets of Queretaro, Mexico.Based on the traditional Greek and Byzantine painting, Fikos’ art combines the ancient techniques with modern movements like modernism of graffiti. The Greek artist is trying to bring back the forgotten beauties

Elian creates a new mural for Board Dripper in Queretaro, Mexico

After a few days of work in the city of Queretaro in Mexico, Elian has now wrapped up his newest mural for the excellent Board Dripper Street Art Festival.As usual with the Argentinean street artist, he painted a subtle yet complex abstract piece featuring his signature color palette. This house was built in 1890 by

Ever creates a new mural for Board Dripper in Queretaro, Mexico

Our friend Ever Siempre is currently in Mexico where he was invited by the excellent Board Dripper urban art festival to paint on the streets of Queretaro.The Argentinean muralist spent a few days working on this sweet new piece which is featuring some of his signature imagery and technique.Continue reading for more images on this artwork

A Closer Look at the Board Dripper Festival

In 2009, an art project called “Board Dripper” was founded in Queretaro, Mexico with the goal to bring together some of the best artists to promote and merge the street and skate culture, graffiti and the importance of art as a social communication tool.Since the first edition was very successful locally, the organisers turned it into