Borondo creates “Fer Lenya”, a new mural in Barcelona, Spain

Borondo recently spent some time in Barcelona, Spain where he was invited by the good lads from Open Walls Conference to create a new piece.With this artwork entitled “Fer Lenya”, Borondo painted a large-scale rendition of a castell, a human tower built traditionally in festivals at many locations within Catalonia. Typically castellers wear white trousers,

Borondo unveils a new mural in Lodz, Poland

Our friend Borondo is currently in Poland where he just finished working on a massive new piece somewhere on the streets of Lodz.Painting for the LodzMurals organized by the city itself , the Spanish street artist brought to life yet another stunning piece of work showing a young masked man unleashing a white dove while being half immersed

Borondo paints two giant portraits in Sulitjelma, Norway

Along “The Altar” that you discovered earlier today, Borondo also worked on another impressive piece on the streets of Sulitjelma in Norway for the UpNorth Street Art Festival.Our friend Henrik Haven was on the crime scene to document the creation of this beautiful Borondo’s piece which shows the image of two “mirrored” portraits of a

“The Altar”, a new mural by Borondo in Sulitjelma, Norway

Borondo recently spent some time in Sulitjelma, Norway where he was invited to create new artworks for the excellent Up North Festival.The festival took place in a small village of Northern Norway. Sulitjelma was from the late 1800s one of the biggest mining communities in Norway. At its top the population was about 3000, but after

Borondo unveils a series of new pieces in Nässjö, Sweden

Nordic countries are booming with Street Art this summer and the latest artist to visit Northern Europe is Borondo. The Spanish artist spent a few days in the town of Nässjö in Sweden where he was invited by Nässjö Konsthall to work on a series of new pieces. Borondo created a large-scale mural entitled “Sju Blommor”

Borondo paints a new street piece in Sulitjelma, Northern Norway

Our friend Gonzalo Borondo is currently in Norway where he just finished working on the first of his pieces in the city of Sulitjelma.In town for the first edition of the UpNorth Street Art Festival, the Spanish artist brought to life this beautiful piece showing the naked body of a woman underwater.Continue reading for more

Borondo creates a new street installation in Milan, Italy

After a great collaboration with Edoardo Tresoldi, Borondo is still in Milan, Italy where he was invited by Wunderkammern to work on a new haystack installation for the Chained exhibition.Geared with black spray paint, the Spanish artist quickly worked his way through yet another stunning installation which is featuring his unique technique.Continue reading to discover

Borondo and Edoardo Tresoldi collaborate on a new piece in Milan, Italy

Borondo and Edoardo Tresoldi are currently in Milan, Italy where they just wrapped up this new collaboration with the help of Wunderkammern Gallery.While we last heard from these two collaborating during the “Animal” exhibition with RexRomae in London, the Italian-Spanish duo brought to life this stunning artwork which is mixing muralism and sculptural work. Borondo

Borondo creates a new mural in Copenhagen, Denmark

Gonzalo Borondo recently stopped by the city of Copenhagen in Denmark where he was invited by the Surface Project to work on a new mural. The project is curated by Søren Solkær to celebrate the launch of his latest book “Surface”.The young Spanish artist was given the opportunity to work on a large building in

Borondo “Kouroi”, his newest Animation and Installation in Marina di Camerota, Italy

While we last heard from him in Segovia, Borondo is now in Italy where he just finished working on a new animation and installation on the streets of Marina Di Camerota.Marina di Camerota is an Italian town, the largest Civil parish of Camerota, situated in the province of Salerno, Campania.The Spanish artist started by painting

Borondo paints “Naranjada, a new mural in Vila-Real, Spain

While we last heard from him in London for his “Animal” exhibition, Borondo is back in Spain where he just finished working on a new piece somewhere on the streets of Vila-Real.The Spanish painter and muralist once again painted a mind-blowing and beautiful artwork showing a group of people having an orange for dinner. The

Coverage: Borondo “Memento Mori” Book Launch in Rome, Italy

After the successful opening of his monumental exhibition “Animal” in London at RexRomae, Borondo is back in Rome, Italy where he launched his new book “Memento Mori”.In an impressive venue, the talented Spanish contemporary artist installed a large series of portraits which were circling this unique space! Simple yet beautiful.Continue reading for more images by

Books: “Memento Mori” By Borondo

“Memento Mori” comes from the need of Borondo to fix in a book what has been, in order to continue with what it will be: in this book the artist lets us discover himself in complete freedom and honesty, opening the doors of his archive and showing an unknown part of his work, which represents

Borondo “Animal” Catalogue and Book Release @ London’s RexRomae – February 26th

 “Animal” the exhibition by famed Spanish urban artist Borondo will be closing today, Thursday February 26th.“Animal” launched last February 5th. The opening at RexRomae recorded over 1500 attendees in 3 hours and thousands of visits during its three weeks of display. The exhibition was successfully acclaimed by both the press and visitors. To celebrate the

Borondo “Fake Paradise” Limited Edition Screen Print

Spanish artist Borondo is about to release a brand new screen-print entitled “Fake Paradise” via RexRomae.  “Fake Paradise” is a 8-layer screen print on black paper, edition of 50, it measures 50 x 70 cm and comes signed and numbered. The print is priced at £250. After a first release in London for the opening