Evoca1 unveils “Imperishable Relics”, a new mural in Vienna, Austria

Our friend Evoca1 is currently in Europe where he just finished working on a brand new piece somewhere on the streets of Vienna in Austria.Entitled “Imperishable Relics”, the Miami-based artist dropped some heat with this fantastic piece of work. This piece wurated by INOPERAbLE Gallery, with the support of Liquitex Artist Materials.In the late 1940’s,

Evoca1 creates a new mural in Saint Petersburg, Florida

Evoca1 recently spent some time in the city of Saint Petersburg, Florida for the Shine On Pete Street Art Festival.The Miami-based artist created this monumental piece showing a little girl laying down next to her Doberman. A simple but powerful image from the Dominican muralist!Take a look at a lot more images after the break

Evoca1 “Glory”, a new mural in Richmond, Virginia

Our friend Evoca1 just sent us some images from “Glory” his newest piece which was just completed on the streets of Richmond for the Richmond Mural Project.Richmond served as the capital of the Confederate States of America during the majority of the Civil War. The Civil War is sometimes called “The Boys’ War,” because so many

JADE & Evoca1 collaborate on a new mural in Mexico City

JADE and Evoca1 were also part of the Constructo Street Art Festival which recently took place on the streets of Mexico City.The newly formed duo spent a few days working on this beautiful piece which is featuring each artist’s distinctive style and imagery.While researching the history of Mexico city for their collaboration, the street art

Pixel Pancho and Evoca1 collaborate on a new piece in East London, UK

While you discovered his first London piece a few days ago, the unstoppable Pixel Pancho teamed up with Evoca1 to work on a brand new collaboration in East London, UK.After the successful opening of his exhibition at StolenSpace gallery, Pixel Pancho and Evoca1 spent their week-end on the very busy Hanbury Street amongst the hundreds

Evoca1 paints “Gallos, Espuelas Y Memorias Viejas” in Santiago, Dominican Republic

Evoca1 recently spent some time in Dominican Republic where he worked his magic on this new mural somewhere on the streets of Santiago.The talented artist painted this piece entitled “Gallos, Espuelas Y Memorias Viejas”(Rooster, Spurs And Old Memories). this mural is part of a series of work based on nostalgia. This piece is in no

Evoca1 “Requiem For Salvation” New Mural – Miami, USA

Evoca1 is back in Florida where he spent the last few days working on this new piece somewhere on the streets of Miami.The Miami-based muralist quickly worked his way through this signature piece which is entitled “Requiem For Salvation”.Continue reading for more images on this new piece and then check back with us soon for