Icy & Sot unveils a new piece in Zhujiajiao, China

Icy & Sot are currently in lovely China where they just finished working on a new mural somewhere on the streets of Zhujiajiaom, an ancient town located in the Qingpu District of Shanghai.The Iranian street art duo quickly worked their magic to create and integrate this super clever piece into the local landscape. The end-result shows

Nuart ’15: Icy & Sot paint new pieces in Stavanger, Norway

Iranian duo Icy & Sot are currently in Norway where they were invited to participate in the 15th edition of the always excellent Nuart Street Art Festival.Painting on the streets of Stavanger, the Brooklyn-based duo worked on several new stencil-based pieces which are featuring some of their signature imagery. The biggest one shows the hybrid

Icy & Sot unveil a new mural in Berlin for Urban Nation and PM7

StreetArtNews is currently in Berlin, Germany to cover the PM7 Project at Urban Nation curated by Brooklyn Street Art.Painting in the cold, Icy & Sot spent the last few days working on this huge facade which has just been completed by the Iranian duo. The result is yet another fantastic stencil-based piece which is showing

Icy & Sot unveil a brilliant street piece in New York City, USA

While we last heard from them last November in Bushwick, Icy & Sot are back on the snowy streets of New York City with a brand new street piece. Geared with stencils and spray paint, the Iranian duo quickly worked its way through this amazing artwork. Two birds one stone for Icy & Sot with

Icy & Sot create a new mural in Stavanger, Norway for Nuart

NYC-based Iranian duo Icy & Sot were also part of the excellent Nuart Festival where they worked on this new piece on the streets of Stavanger in Norway. For their first time crossing the pond, the prolific street art duo went big with this monochrome mural which is composed of hand-cut boards to represent the

Icy & Sot New Mural – Chicago, USA

While we last heard from them last month in New York City, Icy & Sot are now in Chicago where they were invited to paint by WAT-AAH!.The Iranian duo painted this signature piece in support of the First Lady’s Partnership for a Healthier Americas Drink Up initiative to encourage kids to drink more water more often. This

Icy & Sot x Sonni “Gulliver 2.0” New Mural – New York City

Icy & Sot and Sonni are back at it on the streets of New York City with a brand new version of “Gulliver”.The popular Iranian duo painted this stenciled image of modern day gulliver being held captive by Sonni’s signature characters.Take a look at more images on this new collaboration after the break and then

Coverage: Nuart ’15 Indoor Exhibition

As every year, the big finale of 15th edition of Nuart in Stavanger was the big indoor show at the tunnels of an old brewery that is today’s Tou Scene. Close to 400 people attended the official opening on the 5th of September, witnessing some exceptional work produced in only couple of days.This year’s show