Invader creates a series of new invasions in Ravenna, Italy

Invader is back on the streets of Ravenna in Italy where he just finished working on his second wave of invasions in this lovely city.The elusive French street artist brought to life some brilliant pixelated pieces which were created using colored tiles. Invader affixes mosaic images of characters from video game in cities around the world.

“PA_1174”, a giant invasion by Invader in Paris, France

Late last night, the one and only Invader brought to life what may be his largest invasion to date on the streets of Paris.Working until 4AM, the elusive French street artist used super-sized tiles to create this vibrant funky invasion which will surely brighten the neighborhood. This piece is Invader’s 1174th invasion on the streets

“PA_1171 & PA_1173”, new invasions by Invader in Paris, France

Holy Invader, pray for us sinners! The one and only Invader is once again back in Paris, France where he recently dropped some more invasions.The French artist brought to life some of his adorable pixel creatures which are populating the city of lights. “PA_1171” & “PA_1173” are instant classics and they will sure be enjoyed

Invader brings to life “Bugs Bunny” and more fresh invasions in Paris, France

After Alice in Wonderland just a few hours ago, Invader has been busy last night with a brand new large-invasion which took place on the streets of Paris.This time around, the French artist created this super rad rendering of the one and only Bugs Bunny eating a banana. On top of that, several smaller pieces

“Alice In Wonderland”, a new invasion by Invader in Paris, France

After a smiley version of Napoleon a couple days ago, Invader is once again back on the streets of Paris with a brand new pixelated design.The anonymous French artist created this large-scale rendering of Alice In Wonderland using mosaic tiles, a design which is now known as “PA_1170”.Invader began these urban, outdoor installations in Paris

“PA_1167 & PA_1165”, brand new invasions by Invader in Paris, France

After a flash stop in New York City a few days ago, Invader is back in Paris where he just brought to life a series of new invasions.Paying hommage to Napoleon, the French artist created a pixelated version of the French emperor bearing a cute smiley face. He also created an Arabian nights inspired piece

“NY_147”, a new invasion by Invader in Little Italy, New York City

While you discovered his latest Parisian invasions a few days ago, Invader is now in New York City where he passed through like a flash to drop a brand new pixelated piece. Sneaking through the night with his ladder, geared with cement and mosaic tiles, the French artist created his 147th piece in Big Apple

“Air Max Smurf” and more fresh invasions by Invader in Paris, France

Invader once again spent a night out in Paris, France where he worked on several new invasions for the locals to enjoy.The largest piece from this round is a super-sized Smurf character geared with his iPhone and a pair of fresh Air Max. On top of that, the French artist created several other pixelated pieces including

“PA_1160”, a new invasion by Invader in Paris, France

Invader is keeping himself busy this summer with yet another new invasion which just spawned on the streets of Paris.This cute cactus brings the French street artist to a total of 1160 pixelated pieces which have invaded the busy streets of his hometown. Hit the jump for a few extra images by Alexandre Feuvrier and keep

Summer invasions by Space Invader in Paris, France

The unstoppable Invader is spending his summer in Paris where he brought to life several new pieces all over the city.Rocking through the city of lights with a bunch of tiles, a ladder and cement, the anonymous French artist has now invaded over 1156 spots in Paris and he shows no sign of slowing down!

Invader brings a series of fresh invasions to the streets of Paris

our buddy Invader is enjoying the Parisian summer in France where he spent a few nights outside to work and install on a bunch of new invasions.The anonymous French artist brought to life some of his signature tiny pixel-based creatures including a two larger-scale pieces featuring a smurf on mushrooms and a cute pixelated-flower.More high

“PA_1139” Invader’s latest invasion in Paris, France

Freshly returned from his month long stay in Hong Kong for “Wipe Out”, his latest Explosition in Asia, Invader has already started a new wave of invasions on the streets of his hometown, Paris in France.Two nights ago, geared with his giant ladder, cement, glue and a bag full of tiles, the French pixel master

Invader invades the European Space Operation Centre in Darmstadt, Germany

French artist Invader recently installed some of his iconic mosaic artwrosk at ESA establishments all over Europe and even on the International Space Station.The latest invasion took place at European Space Operation Centre in Darmstadt, Germany with the brilliant Pacman solar system. series.The European Space Operations Centre ensures the smooth working of spacecraft in orbit.

Invader starts a new series of invasions in Tanzania

Invader is now in Africa where they just landed in Tanzania to work on an unknown project alongside with Vhils.Struggling to find spots in the bush, the French street artist finally managed to find some locations to host his newly created African-themed invasions. Invader also collaborated with Vhils on a quick “Street Piece”. While this

Invader kicks off 2015 with a brand new invasion in Paris, France

Here we go! Space Invader has officially started 2015 with a first round of invasion on the streets of Paris with this new piece entitled “PA_1131”.The French artist invaded the famous Daumesnil Fountaine on Place Felix Eboue in the 12th district of Paris. This new mosaic piece is his 1131th Parisian invasion although many have