Pantonio creates a stunning artwork in Covilhã, Portugal

The excellent Wool Festival is back with a brand new extra piece which was just completed by Pantonio in the center of Covilhã in Portugal.As usual with the talented Portuguese muralist, the colours and flow of his brush strokes on these super cute birdies are simply unique and amazing. Deeply influenced by the inhabitant of his

Pantonio creates a massive mural in Kiev, Ukraine

Our friend Pantonio just sent us a series of nice pictures from his newest offering to the streets of Kiev in Ukraine.Invited by the city council and curated by Oleg, the Portuguese artist went big and it took him about a week to create this massive signature piece. The end-result shows some of his spray

Pantonio paints a new street piece for Le Mur in Paris, France

Pantonio was the latest artist to be invited over the weekend by “Le Mur Association” to work on their iconic billboard in Paris, France.Lisboan artist Pantónio easily identifiable with the dominant colors blue and black has based his paintings on the strength of the black rocks and the sea. Deeply influenced by the inhabitant of

Pantonio unveils a new indoor piece in Lisbon, Portugal

Pantonio is back in Portugal where he just finished working on this new indoor piece at the Trinidad Convent, Clube de Criativos in Lisbon which organize every year a project to discuss about technics, concepts and the latest creative tendencies. The one artist featured this year was.. you guessed it, Pantonio!This year’s theme was rush

Pantonio creates a new mural in Lagny, France

Portuguese artist Pantonio is currently in France where he spent the last few days working on this massive artwork somewhere on the streets of Lagny Sur Marne.The talented and prolific muralist brought to life another impressive street piece showing an unknown creature hanging on a branch while holding a bird in its hand.Continue reading for

Pantonio paints a new mural in Loures, Portugal

Pantonio recently stopped by the city of Loures in Portugal where he had the opportunity to work on a new piece within the popular neighberhood of Quinta do Mocho.As usual with the prolific Portuguese street artist, the colours and flow of his brush strokes are simply unique and amazing.Hit the jump to discover more images

Pantonio creates a new piece in Rome, Italy

Portuguese artist Pantonio is currently in Italy where he just finished working on a massive new mural somewhere on the streets of Rome.In town for the BigCity Life street art project which is taking place in the district of TorMarancia, Pantonio dropped some of his signature imagery for the locals to enjoy.Continue reading for more