Pastel creates a new floral mural for Public ’15 in Perth, Australia

With Public 2015 going strong over in Perth, Australia, we just received these images of the new mural painted by Argentinian artist, Francisco Diaz aka Pastel. Titled “Idealism of aboriginal Ngarluma“, the piece is addressing the historic issue of  Ngarluma people, the original inhabitants of the coastal areas around Roebourne (West Pilbara Western Australia). Archaeological surveys

Pastel creates two new murals in South America

Our friend Pastel is currently traveling through South America where he just finished working on new pieces in Argentina and Uruguay. Painting on the busy streets of Buenos Aires and Villa Soriano, the Argentinean street artist brought to life two beautiful “floral” murals which are featuring some of his signature imagery. Hit the jump for more

Pixel Pancho & Pastel collaborate on a new piece in Rio San Juan, Dominican Republic

Pixel Pancho and Pastel are still in Dominican Republic for the first edition of the ArteSano Street Art Festival curated by Evoca1 and Inoperable.Painting on the beach of Rio San Juan, the Italian-Argentinean duo quickly worked on this piece which is featuring each artist’s distinctive style. The mural is entitled “Go Home.Continue reading for more

Art Basel ’14: Pastel and Jufe paint a collaborative piece in Wynwood, Miami

Pastel and Jufe recently joined forces to work on this new collaborative piece in Wynwood, Miami for Art Basel 2014. This piece was painted as part of the Raw Project located at the Jose de Diego Middle School and curated by WynwoodMap.The Argentinean-Puerto Rican duo worked together on a representation of the plants as a funeral

Pastel creates a beautiful mural on the streets of Mendoza, Argentina

Our friend Francisco Diaz aka Pastel spent a few days in Mendoza, Argentina where he was invited to paint a new mural for the street art Festival Muropolis.Working with the plants used by the native “Pehuenche” community, before the spanish invasion, the Argentinean muralist once again delivers a beautiful piece for the locals to enjoy.Continue

Franco Fasoli Jaz and Pastel team up for a collab mural in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Franco Fasoli Jaz and Pastel recently teamed up in their home town of Buenos Aires and created this double piece. Using different color palette for each of the images, they created these two piece that look like a mirrored image at a first glance.With Jaz’ signature anthropomorphic characters, juxtapozed with Pastel’s floral imagery, the piece

Pastel paints a new mural for Festival Asalto in Zaragoza, Spain

Francisco Díaz aka Pastel, was another participant of the recent edition of Asalto festival in Zaragoza Spain. The Argentinian artist created a this large signature piece, depicting elements of local plants and flowers that grow in this abandoned area of the town, dominated by the bright yellow man made arrowheads. All painted using colors that can

Pastel New Mural – Villa Soriano, Uruguay

Our friend Pastel spent the last few weeks in Villa Soriano, Uruguay where he was invited for a residency with the good lads from the Residencia Vatelon.The Argentinean muralist worked on a beautiful mural in Villa Soriano which is featuring some of his trademark imagery. The talented artist also took advantage of the city’s natural

Video: Traffic Design 2014 – Gdynia, Poland

The 4th edition of the excellent Traffic Design street art festival has come to an end and luckily for us, a recap video was just released straight from Gdynia, Poland.This year, the city of Gdynia welcomed new artworks by several street artists such as Elian, Pastel, Zoer & Velvet, Sten & Lex and many others.Sit

Pastel New Murals – Gdynia, Poland

Argentinian artist Pastel was recently in Poland for the Traffic Design festival in Gdynia, where he created these 2 murals.  Visually appealing and showing lots of floral elements, the works are carrying much deeper message: (The wall with yellow flower ring and blue ribbon) is based on the extinction of native communities because of gentrification.