Phlegm creates a brand new mural on the streets of Sheffield, UK

While we last heard from him a few weeks ago, Phlegm is now back in hometown of Sheffield, UK where he quickly painted this quick piece.As usual with the popular British street artist, he brought to life one of his signature monochrome characters which you will be able to find at Rare & Racy.Continue reading

Phlegm creates a new striking piece in Mosborough, Sheffield

British artist Phlegm has been spending the last few months locked in his shed studio, working on some exciting new releases (zine with etchings printed by the artist himself). The other day he decided it’s time to do some outdoor works so he found this burned down barns somewhere around Mosborough, Sheffield.Using the effective burnt wood

Phlegm creates a new piece in the woods around Sheffield

Few weeks after being back from his last round the world trip and finalizing his upcoming DIY limited edition etching release, Phlegm visited his hometown. Along with seeing the friends and family, London-based artist enjoyined the walks in the nature, but also used the opportunity to create some new unique work.The Green Man piece was

Phlegm reveals his mural for PangeaSeed in San Diego

On the way back from New Zealand where he recently painted “The songbird pipe organ” mural, Phlegm stopped in sunny California to create another fantastic piece for PangeaSeed’s Sea Walls: Murals for Oceans festival in San Diego.With the focus of their activity being raising public awareness and education about the conservation and preservation of sharks and

Phlegm and Pixel Pancho team up to paint a new mural in Dunedin, New Zealand

Pixel Pancho and Phlegm are currently in New Zealand where they joined forces to work on a new piece on the streets of Dunedin.To help mix their styles, Phlegm painted this one just with brushes for a change and also switched to a nice sepia rather than black. The newly formed duo delivered a beautiful

Phlegm creates a massive new mural in Dunedin, New Zealand

Street Art extraordinaire Phlegm is currently in New Zealand where he was flown over to paint for the Dunedin Urban Art Festival 2014.Entitled “The songbird pipe organ”, the British artist spent a few days working on this beautiful piece showing one of his characters playing an organ which is releasing a myriad a colorful tropical

Phlegm paints a new mural on Hanbury Street in East London

While we last heard from him with David De La Mano in Wales a few days ago, Phlegm is now back in London where he just finished working on this new mural.The British artist spent a few days working on this signature artwork which is showing one of his signature characters assembling parts of a

Phlegm and David De La Mano create a new collaboration in Cardiff, Wales

Phlegm and David De La Mano recently teamed up on the streets of Cardiff in South Wales to work on a sweet new collaboration.Both invited to paint for the latest edition of the Empty Walls Festival, the newly formed British-Spanish street art duo quickly worked their way through this piece which is featuring each artist’s distinctive

Phlegm paints a massive mural for Empty Walls Festival in Cardiff, Wales

Phlegm is currently in South Wales where he just wrapped up this massive mural somewhere on the streets of Cardiff.In town for the newest edition of the Empty Walls Street Art Festival, the British muralist painted this signature artwork which is based on he very old welsh tradition Mari Lwyd.Continue reading for a closer look

Phlegm creates a fantastic indoor installation for Sheffield Bazaar in the UK

After his piece for the Royal Opera House in London, Phlegm seems to be focusing on creating new installations. The British artist just wrapped up yet another fantastic and intricate indoor piece for the Sheffield Bazaar in Sheffield, UK. Entitled “Market Traders”, this new creation by Phlegm is filled with hundreds of amazing details which

Phlegm New Installation For Royal Opera House – London, UK

Phlegm is back in the UK where he just finished on this stunning installation for the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden, London, UK.Painted for the Festival of Myth curated by Minna Moore Ede of the National Gallery and the Royal Ballet. The work he’s done there is based on a blend of his own

Phlegm New Street Pieces – Djerba, Tunisia

Phlegm is currently in North Africa where he painted in the searing heat in the village Erriadh, on the island of Djerba, Tunisa.Invited for the Djerbahood project organised by Galerie Itinerrance. The British artist had fun experiments with placing windows and doors in old abandoned buildings he found hidden away in the back streets.Hit the

Phlegm New Mural – Moss, Norway

Phlegm was recently in Norway where he spent several days working on this sweet new piece somewhere in the city of Moss for the Urban Samtidskunst Project.Entitled “Totems”, the Sheffield-based street artist dropped this gigantic monochrome mural which is once again featuring a mind-boggling amount of details.Take a look at a full high-resolution gallery after the

Phlegm New Mural For ArtScape – Malmö, Sweden

Phlegm is currently in Sweden where he just finished working on this new piece somewhere on the streets of Malmö.Invited by the ArtScape Festival, the British street artist painted this large piece showing some of his signature characters climbing up the wall using ropes and ladders.Continue reading for more images on this new piece and