Sepe & Chazme unveil a new piece in Dortmund, Germany

While we last heard from them in Cologne a few days ago, Sepe & Chazme also stopped by Dortmund to grace the local streets with some of their magic.The Polish street art duo created another strong and unique artwork painted using various shades of blue and red. The end-result somehow reminds us of old Russian

Sepe & Chazme create a new mural in Cologne for CityLeaks

Sepe and Chazme are currently in Germany where they were invited to paint for the latest edition of the excellent CityLeaks Festival.Working on the streets of Cologne, the Polish street art duo quickly worked their way through this signature piece featuring each artists’ distinctive style and imagery. Beautiful as usual!Continue reading for more detailed images

Sepe & Chazme unveil a new mural for Vilnius Street Art Festival in Lithuania

After Mobstr a few days ago, Sepe & Chazme have now completed their collaborative mural on the streets of Vilnius in Lithuania.The talented Polish street art duo created this beautiful new addition to the always excellent Vilnius Street Art Festival. The mural is called “Corest Fity”, an allusion to the lost relation between the people

Sepe & Chazme collaborate on an indoor mural at the University of Bielefeld, Germany

The Hoch 2wei event recently invited Sepe and Chazme to exercise their craft at the University of Bielefeld in Germany.The pair created yet another stunning piece of work which is entitled “Unreachables”. The large artwork shows a group of people trying to reach a group of boats which is the only way for them to exit their

Sepe creates a new indoor piece in Wołczyn, Poland

Sepe is keeping himself busy with yet another indoor piece which just popped up somewhere in Wolczyn, Poland.Organized by the “Pustaczki One Love” festival, the Polish muralist created this superb piece of work which is featuring some of his signature imagery and technique. Using his sketch-like style, the new piece features animal characters and feels

Sepe paints a new portraiture quadriptych in Warsaw, Poland

In order to celebrate the closing of his successful solo show in London with Lawrence Alkin Gallery, Sepe painted another piece at a secret abandoned location in Warsaw.“The Further You Go..” is a continuation of his mural he’s done at the same place for the show opening, and it is consisting of 4 portraits. Both

Sepe x Tone x Corn79 x Vesod paint a large collaboration in Gemona, Italy

Polish artist Sepe was recently in Gemona, Italy, where he created a collab piece with Tone x Corn79 x Vesod, in memory of huge earthquake that has completely destroyed the town in that year.Titled 2Friuli 1976″ this mural shows an epicenter of an earthquake from which the artist painted their vision of disaster following it.

Sepe reveals a new secret mural he recently painted in Warsaw

Only few days before heading to London to open his solo show with Lawrence Alkin Gallery, Sepe painted this secret mural in his hometown of Warsaw.Polish artist introduced slightly new imagery with this piece which is sharing the same title as his upcoming show – “The Golden Age Of Grotesque”. Still using his sketch-like style, the

Sepe and Chazme collaborate on a new mural in Tartu, Estonia

Polish muralists Sepe and Chazme are currently in Tartu, Estonia where they were invited to paint for the Stencibility Street Art Festival.This piece which is entitled “Supilinn 15” was painted as a tribute to two Polish architects and urbanists Jerzy Hryniewiecki and Bogusław Linke.Hit the jump for a closer look at this piece and then

Sepe paints “Tag The Jewels” piece somewhere in Poland

Sepe recently joined the ongoing project by the NYC rap crew Run The Jewels, called Tag The Jewels. The idea behind this project is for graffiti artists worldwide to create variation of their logo.Polish artists did this quick piece with a stickup image, using nice pastel color palette. Painted on an old wall with a

Sepe and Chazme paint a new collaboration in Luxembourg

Polish artists Sepe and Chazme recently stopped by Luxembourg where they worked on this unusual collaboration.The street art duo quickly worked their way through yet another amazing and beautiful mural which is a tribute to Stanisław Lem. Stanislaw was a Polish writer of science fiction, philosophy and satire, known for his strange world.Hit the jump

Sepe paints a large new mural for Arturb in Lagos, Portugal

Sepe was another artist that contributed to this year’s ARTURb residency in Lagos, Portugal. The Polish artist recently finished this large mural titled “What Goes Around Comes Around”.This narrative piece is artist’s comment on the history of Portugal that from being one of the biggest colonial powers is nowadays experiencing emigration problems. After years of

Sepe x Chazme New Mural – Richmond, USA

Sepe and Chazme have now landed in USA where they were invited by the Richmond Mural Project to paint on the streets of Richmond, Virginia.Entitled “Crash Dummies”, the two artists dropped a fantastic artwork which is featuring and blending each artist’s distinctive style.Get a good look at the mural after the break and tell us

Sepe x Chazme New Mural For Common Experience – Istanbul, Turkey

Along with M-City (covered), Polish artists Sepe and Chazme were also invited to paint the streets of Istanbul for the Common Experience Street Art Festival.Working up high on a cherry picker for several days, the Polish duo painted this fantastic and impressive mural which is showcasing Chazme’s architectural skills with Sepe’s signature characters.Continue reading for