Stinkfish New Pieces – Djerba, Tunisia (Part II)

After a first series of pieces a few days ago, Stinkfish just sent us a second batch of murals and artworks which he painted during his stay in Djerba, Tunisia.In town for the Djerbahood project organised by Gallerie Itinerrance, the prolific Colombian artist added some of his signature imagery to the Tunisian landscape. He also

Stinkfish New Pieces For Djerbahood – Djerba, Tunisia

The infamous Stinkfish was also invited in North Africa to paint for the Djerbahood project on the island of Djerba in Tunisia.As usual with the Colombian muralist, he painted several of his signature portraiture-based imagery combined with some of his vibrant abstract patterns.Continue reading for more images on these new artworks by Stinkfish and check back

Stinkfish x APC New Pieces – Bogota, Colombia

Stinkfish spent the last few weeks in his hometown of Bogota in Colombia where he teamed up with his friends of APC to work on several new pieces around town.As usual with the Colombian muralist, he brought some of his signature portraiture imagery combined with vibrant abstract patterns.What do you think? Stick around for more

Stinkfish x Pez New Collaboration – Bogota, Colombia

Stinkfish just sent us a series of images on his newest collaboration with PEZ which was just completed on the streets of their hometown, Bogota in Colombia.The duo quickly worked their way through this signature piece which is featuring each artist’s distinctive style and imagery.Make sure to take a peek at more pictures after the

Stinkfish New Pieces – Bilbao, Spain

Stinkfish recently stopped by the lovely city of Bilbao in Northern Spain where he spent a few days working on the streets with his friend Malk from APC. As usual with the Colombian muralist, he beautified the streets with some of his signature portraiture imagery combined with vibrant abstract patterns. More images are waiting for

Stinkfish Paints a Bus in Graz, Austria

Last seen in Sweden earlier this month, Stinkfish has now reached the lovely city in Graz, Austria where he was invited to paint for the Living Streets Festival. No walls was waiting for Stinkfish in Graz but an oldschool city bus which was quickly transformed into a piece of art by the Colombian artist. Pimp