Stinkfish creates a new mural in Monterrey, Mexico

After a great collaboration with his buddy Zas in Bogota, Stinkfish has now reached the north of Mexico and the city of Monterrey.Invited by the Callegenera Street Art Festival, the Colombian muralist beautified the local streets with this signature stencil-based piece showing a young woman painting a red line and vibrant abstract patterns on a

Stinkfish & Zas collaborate on a new piece in Bogota, Colombia

Globe-trotting artist Stinkfish is back in his hometown of Bogota in Colombia where he just teamed up with his buddy Zas to work on a brand new collaboration.The Colombian Street Art duo spent approximately two days to create this vibrant artwork which is mixing Stinkifsh’s portraiture with Zas’ abstract shapes and patterns.Continue reading for more

Stinkfish paints a quick new piece in London, UK

Stinkfish is still in the United Kingdom where he managed to cram in another quick piece on the streets of London.Based on a photography that was taken during one of his travels, the Colombian artist brought to life this life-sized rendition of a young girl. As usual, the piece is combined with a bunch of

Stinkfish unveils a new street piece in East London, UK

Our friend Stinkfish has reached the shores of United Kingdom where he made his way to the trendy streets of East London.Without taking a rest, the Colombian artist started straight away to work on his first piece which is featuring some of his signature portraiture imagery combined with some colorful abstract patterns.Hit the jump for

Stinkfish unveils a new mural in Amsterdam, Netherlands

After a tour around Southern Asia, Stinkfish is back in Europe where he landed in Amsterdam, Netherlands.The Colombian muralist jump right into the action with a massive new piece located in the Nieuw-West district. The image is depicting a young man carrying a child on his back against a vibrant background that really pops.Hit the

Stinkfish new pieces on the streets of Ho Chi Minh & Vung Tau, Vietnam

After a quick stop by Cambodia, Stinkfish is now in Vietnam where he recently stopped by the cities of Ho Chi Minh and Vung Tau.Touring around Southern Asia, the Colombian street artist brought to life some of his signature portraiture imagery for the locals to enjoy.Stinkfish’s work is created, primarily, by portraying a variety of

Stinkfish brings new pieces to the streets of Phnom Penh & Siem Reap in Cambodia

Our friend Stinkfish is currently touring through Cambodia where he just finished working on several new pieces in Phnom Penh & Siem Reap.As usual with the Colombian artist, he’s been rather prolific with an impressive amount of artworks which are featuring his signature portraiture imagery.Continue reading for the full run down on all of these pieces

Stinkfish paints a new piece in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

While we last heard from him a few days ago in Cancun, Stinkfish has now landed in Asia where he just finished working on a new mural in Cambodia.Painting on the busy streets of Phnom Penh, the Colombian artist quickly finished working on this large-piece which is depicting a young stenciled girl holding someone’s hand.

Stinkfish paints a new mural in Cancun, Mexico for FIAP ’15

Our friend Stinkfish is also in Cancun, Mexico where he was invited to paint for the FIAP 2015 Street Art Festival.Painting under the intense heat, the Colombian muralist dropped this massive stenciled portrait which is featuring some of his unique and super vibrant abstract patterns.Continue reading for a closer look at this artwork and then

Stinkfish brings a batch of new works to San Francisco & Oakland, USA

Constantly traveling around the globe, Stinkfish is now in North America where he made a quick stop  by the cities San Francisco and Oakland.Rolling through with his buddies ZAS from Colombia and Yoshi and Bounce from the legendary crew of “Trust Your Struggle”. The result is a bunch of solo and collaboration pieces which are all

Stinkfish paints a new series of pieces in Panama City

Stinkfish is currently traveling through Panama where he worked on a new series of pieces somewhere on the streets of Panama City.On top of his solo pieces, the Bogota-based street artist also collaborated with his friend Camila Bernal a.k.a Remedios, a Colombian artist that lives in PanamaContinue reading for more images on these artworks and

Stinkfish and Empty Boy create a new mural in Bogota, Colombia

Our friend Stinkfish just sent us a series of fresh images from his newest collaboration with his friend Empty Boy somewhere on the streets of his hometown, Bogota in Colombia.The Colombian street art duo joined forces to beautify with vibrant colors the local neighborhood and the result is a beautiful piece featuring a portrait by

Stinkfish unveils a new portrait in Bristol, UK

Colombian muralist Stinkfish has reached good old Europe where one of his first stop was the city of Bristol in South UK.As usual with the Bogota-based street artist, he quickly painted this signature stencil-based portrait which is combined with vibrant abstract patterns.Reconvene after the jump for a closer look at this piece and stick with

Stinkfish paints a gigantic mural in Moscow, Russia for MOST Festival

Our friend Stinkfish is currently in Russia where he was invited by the Most Festival to paint on the streets of Moscow.As usual with the Colombian muralist, he painted an hyper tropical piece which is based on the portrait Pionner girl (1930) from Aleksandr Rodchenko.Continue reading for extra images on this new piece and check

Stinkfish New Pieces – Djerba, Tunisia (Part II)

After a first series of pieces a few days ago, Stinkfish just sent us a second batch of murals and artworks which he painted during his stay in Djerba, Tunisia.In town for the Djerbahood project organised by Gallerie Itinerrance, the prolific Colombian artist added some of his signature imagery to the Tunisian landscape. He also