Vhils newest portrait in Hong-Kong

Alexandre Farto aka Vhils is spending some time in Asia where he’s currently working on several new interesting projects in Hong-Kong.  Breaking away from the studio work, the Portuguese street artist and his crew created this beautiful portrait of a young Asian lady in the city’s center. Using his signature technique of chipping away from

Unexpected ’15: Vhils unveils a new mural in Fort Smith, Arkansas

After ROA, Vhils is the second artist to complete his mural in Downtown Fort Smith for the first edition of the excellent Unexpected Street Art Festival which is curated by JustKids.In town with his team, Alexandre Farto aka Vhils used his unique excavating process of chipping away at the wall to create this striking portrait.

Unexpected ’15: Work in progress by Vhils in Fort Smith, Arkansas

Vhils and his crew are also in Fort Smith, Arkansas where they’ve been working on a new piece for the first edition of the Unexpected Street Art Festival.The popular Portuguese street artist sketched out the portrait of an old indian woman which is now being turned into one of his signature chiseled artworks. This should

Vhils unveils a new piece in Loures, Portugal

Vhils is back in Portugal where he just finished working on a brand new piece on the streets of Loures, a city in the central Portuguese Grande Lisboa Subregion.This collective piece was realized with the participation of the community from its conception to its end creation. The artwork features several collage elements and some signature

Invader starts a new series of invasions in Tanzania

Invader is now in Africa where they just landed in Tanzania to work on an unknown project alongside with Vhils.Struggling to find spots in the bush, the French street artist finally managed to find some locations to host his newly created African-themed invasions. Invader also collaborated with Vhils on a quick “Street Piece”. While this

Vhils creates a series of new pieces with Lebasse Projects in Los Angeles, USA

Our friend Alexandre Farto aka Vhils recently made a quick stop by California where he spent a few days working on two new pieces somewhere on the streets of Los Angeles.In town with the good lads from Lebasse Projects, the Portuguese street artist quickly worked his way through two of his signature portraits. Beautiful as

Vhils unveils a new mural for Urban Forms on the streets of Lodz, Poland

Portuguese street artist Vhils is part of this year’s lineup of Urban Forms which is currently taking place on the streets of Lodz in Poland.Vhils once again used his distinctive and rather unique technique of chipping away at the wall to create this striking urban portrait which you will be able to find on Kopernika and

Vhils creates a series of new pieces in Paris, France

Along with Borondo or Spy, Vhils was also in Paris, France where he created a series of pieces for the recent Nuit Blanche event.As usual with the Portuguese street artist, he once again used his signature technique of chipping away at the wall to create these striking portraits. If you are in the area, you’ll

Vhils New Mural – Lisbon, Portugal (Part II)

While you discovered his newest piece in Portugal a few days ago (covered), Vhils is back at it with a brand new piece which was recently finished somewhere in Lisbon.Painted as part of preparation for his upcoming museum exhibition in the city, Vhils created this large size piece using paint and heavy machinery tools. Vhils

Vhils “Out Of Your Comfort Zone” New Print Available Now

Vhils “Out Of Your Comfort Zone” new print is now available, this is the last print release from Fame Festival 2010, Edition of 100, 56x76cm, two color screenprint on cotton paper, deckled edges, plus handpainted ink and bleach Available Here for 170 Euros