2501 “See You On The Other Side” New Los Angeles Solo Show, May 24th

Our friend 2501 will be opening his new solo show “See You On The Other Side” later this month at Soze Gallery in Los Angeles, USA. With minimal aesthetic of the monotone use of color (variations of black and white with glance of gold and fluo steam) 2501 questions the deeper meaning of a propensity

2501 New Mural In Milano, Italy

Before his upcoming trip to Los Angeles, 2501 is still at home in Milano where he spent a few hours working on this new piece.Using his signature snaky lines, the Italian artist drops a three story high pair of pliers!If you are in Milano, you’ll be able to find this one at the squat located

2501 x Kalinda x Centina x Vine x Giorgio Bartocci x SeaCreative x Refresh Ink New Mural In Parma, Italy

Yesterday for Easter, 2501, Kalinda, Centina, Vine, Giorgio Bartocci, Seacreative and Refresh Ink hooked up at a secret location in Parma to paint this new mural.The All Star Italian team delivers a brilliant series of solo pieces featuring each artist’s signature style.Check back with us soon for more updates from Italy…

2501 New Mural In Paris, France

2501 is still in France where he completed yet another new mural on the streets of Paris, France.Organised by the ParisFreeWalls project, the Italian artist delivers one of his signature piece as a tribute to his recently deceased dog, the one and only Pato.Wanna check this one out ? Head over to Rue De Bretagne,