“Cocina” by Pastel in Buenos Aires, Argentina
November 3, 2020
1 min read
Argentinean muralist Pastel recently finished a new work located in Villa Ballester, Buenos Aires. It is entitled “Cocina” and was painted on Plaza Roca water tower, that was built on 1950’s. The mural features floral designs and motifs that are visually integrated into the vegetation of the square. This large-scale project is part of the celebrations…
Elian Chali new works in Argentina, USA, and Taiwan
October 4, 2020
2 min read
Elian Chali was born and raised in Cordoba, where he currently lives. His relationship with the streets began with adolescent tagging and although his background is in graphic design, as an artist he is self-taught. Elian’s work focuses on creating a dialogue with the urban fabric, letting the characteristics of the wall inform the piece.…
Artist Interview: Elian Chali
March 19, 2020
14 min read
Elian’s close dialogue with our cities is unparalleled, his basic geometry and abstraction has become a trading mark on the walls around the world. Started with explorations of perspective and anamorphosis in his Argentinian hometown, Cordoba, Elian has now evolved from 3D graffiti to flat color murals. His explosive color compositions are inspired by minimalism…
“New Devices of Capitalism” by Ever in Buenos Aires, Argentina
June 12, 2019
3 min read
Our friend Ever just sent us some new images from his latest wall that was just finished on the streets of Buenos Aires in Argentina. The talented artist brought to life another complex mural full of meaning and entitled “New Devices of Capitalism”. You will find below an in-depth explanation on the mural’s meaning: The…
“Pecho/Espalda” by Elian in San Juan, Argentina
May 17, 2019
1 min read
The one and only Elian is back with a brand new full facade that was just finished in San Juan, a valley city east of the Andes Mountains, in west-central Argentina. The finished piece is 30 x 6 meters monster and can be seen on the Contegrand Cultural Center. Specializing in Abstract works, the Argentinean…
“Hogar” by Pastel a new New wall in Santa Fe, Argentina
April 25, 2019
1 min read
Pastel just sent us some images from his latest mural entitled “Hogar” which was created on the streets of Santa Fe in Argentina. The piece is inspired by the development of FONAVI (social housing program) which was built during the military government in 1982.  The politics had planned to put families inside tiny apartments without…
“64 tones of Buenos Aires” by Jorge Pomar in Argentina
August 23, 2018
2 min read
Our friend Jorge Pomar recently wrapped up a new wall entitled “64 tones of Buenos Aires” in Argentina. For three months I talked with many people about a question that obsessed me: what is the song that represents Buenos Aires? Little by little, I listened and grouped the answers in a YouTube list. One day,…
“Grandma’s Garden” by Pastel in Buenos Aires
March 17, 2018
1 min read
Argentinean muralist Pastel just sent us some images from his latest artwork which was just revealed somewhere on the streets of Buenos Aires in Argentina. Entitled “Grandma’s Garden”, Pastel brought to life some of his signature plant-based imagery for the locals to enjoy. The idea of a garden-form, characteristic of housing typologies in residential neighbourhoods,…
Lu Yorlano and El Lolo in Córdoba, Argentina
December 27, 2017
1 min read
Our good friend Lu Yorlano has just sent in some pictures of her latest collaboration work in Córdoba with her colleague El Lolo. They have been painting murals together with their collective project called “Sapo Rojo“, but until now they haven’t shared a wall to paint on! El Lolo and I have been painting some collective…
Lu Yorlano in Mendoza, Argentina
October 9, 2017
1 min read
It seems that Lu Yorlano is the most active artist in Argentina right now by participating in almost every festival happening. This time, Lu was invited for “IX Encuentro de Muralismo y Arte Público de Godoy Cruz” (Mural and Public Art) festival in Godoy Cruz, Mendoza together with around 70 other artists from Latin America and…