“KAOS TRIP: A Color Journey by Okuda San Miguel” in Guangzhou, China
July 23, 2020
2 min read
It has taken nine months and an infinite amount of effort within a Chinese-Spanish multidisciplinary team working in the midst of a global pandemic crisis. But finally, ‘Kaos trip’ made its debut last July 10 in K11 Art Mall in Guangzhou, China. This show  offers a tour of the different supports, formats and techniques that…
“The Peach Land” New Mural From Zinan Lam in China
August 13, 2019
1 min read
This artwork by Zinan Lam “The Peach Land” is inspired from an ancient Chinese story. The story about a fisherman lost into a fairyland, a world of complete equality and freedom, peace and happiness. This time, Zinan created murals over 20 meters on the surface of an old building that used to be a warehouse for storing…
“Awaken” by Zinan Lam in Shanghai, China
October 20, 2018
1 min read
During recent days of Shanghai Fashion Week, the urban artist ZINAN LAM has been invited by local fashion media, featuring his new work ‘AWAKEN’ at Columbian Navel Club of ShangSheng·XinSuo. The main part of this work is the snow lion, a symbol of protection and power in Tibetan Buddhism. Two snow lions foot in cloud…
Sheep Chen creates a beautiful mural in Wuhan, China
July 25, 2018
1 min read
Sheep Chen just sent us some fresh images from his latest artwork that was just completed on the streets of Wuhan in China. Sheep hails from Jiaxing in China, he started graffiti in 2008. His style has been infected with the magnetic field of his surrounding environment with bright colors and a hint of words.…
Belin in Shenzhen, China
March 27, 2018
2 min read
Miguel Ángel Belinchón Bujes is a street artist from Spain, and on the street, people like to call him by his artist name “BELIN“. When he was a child, he applied his creativity within several areas through his own self-driven pursuit of knowledge. He sought information from libraries, museums and working at home, thus beginning…
“Twist Of Fate” & “Sound Of You” by Millo In Shanghai
December 15, 2017
1 min read
Our friend Millo recently spent some time in Asia where he painted two large scale street art pieces somewhere on the streets of Shanghai in China. Entitled “Twist Of Fate” & “Sound Of You”, the Italian street artist brought to life some of his signature imagery which will surely be enjoyed by the locals for years…
“Dreams” by Rustam QBic in Shanghai, China
September 25, 2017
1 min read
Rustam Qbic recently visited Shanghai, China, taking part in the Color, Way of Love, Art + City Project there. For this occasion he painted a new large mural titled “Dreams” showing constant progression and evolution of his visual language and technique. Persistent about creating works that carry universal messages and celebrate life, youth and the future, Russian…
“Does or Doesn’t” by Lonac in Nanxian, China
May 4, 2017
1 min read
International graffiti artist network Wallskar, recently hosted a graffiti and food festival “Another Side” in Nanxian county in the province of Hunan, China. Aiming to bridge the Chinese graffiti with the global graffiti art scene the organizers invited a nice selection of international writers, including Croatian artist Lonac. During his first visit to Asia Zagreb-based artist…
“ScorpioBulldo” by Ludo in China
January 27, 2017
1 min read
While we last heard from him in Paris a few days ago, Ludo is now in Asia where he just unveiled a brand new piece somewhere in a megacity in China. Working illegally, the French artist brought to life this signature piece of work which is entitled “ScorpioBulldo”. Installed on a 100 years old factory that…
Ludo at the Power Station of the Art Museum of Shanghai
October 4, 2016
1 min read
A few days ago, Ludo installed at the Power Station of the Art Museum of Shanghai one of his largest piece in China taking the form of a gigantic dragon. This dragon has obviously many meanings but Ludo decided to let the spectators create their own. The most important message was to celebrate the idea of…