Fashion: Evah Fan x BIG BAD WOLF T-Shirt

Another treat for your little monsters comes from our friends at Big Bad Wolf which just teamed up with painter, sculptor and illustrator Evah Fan to create this rad new limited edition T-Shirt.Climbing the food pyramid is essential for the growing body and this applies to jugs of milk too. They need their daily dose

Fashion: Pow! Wow! x Roberta Oaks New Capsule Collection

Continuing the collaborations between homegrown Aloha wear brand Roberta Oaks and POW! WOW! The fourth in the series are two short-sleeved button-ups aptly titled Waimanu and Kawaiahao. Named after the streets in Kaka’ako where the POW! WOW! murals can be found. Combining classic Aloha shirt aesthetics with a modern urban twist. The shirts are handmade

Fashion: Mural Festival 2015 Capsule Collection

Mural Festival is a gathering that celebrates culture, food and art. Centered around a week-long event in Montreal, Canada.As Mural Festival is taking place this week, the art initiative has unveiled a collaborative capsule collection to celebrate the event. Available to some of the event’s lucky attendees and online, the pieces sport clean branding and

Fashion: Steen Jones x Big Bad Wolf T-Shirt

Your kid is in for a treat, after So Youn Lee, Big Bad Wolf joined forces with Steen Jones to create this new capsule collection for your cheeky litter ones. Inspired the flash art of tattoo culture, Steen Jones designs the “WOLF” tee integrating classic Americana styles for the Big Bad Wolf. To complete the

A Travelers’s Guide to Chicago’s Street Art & More

If you’re coming to Chicago to paint on walls, be warned. In 2014 the City of Chicago spent almost 5 million dollars on graffiti removal, and over a dozen crews were out on the streets painting over or washing spray paint off of walls. The fines for graffiti related vandalism doubled, first time offenses start

Fashion: So Youn Lee x BIG BAD WOLF T-Shirt

Aimed to our beloved little ones, children fashion label BIG BAD WOLF teamed up with So Youn Lee for a brilliant capsule collection just in time for the hot summer months. The Korean artist created and her limited edition tee are perfect for building sand castles or playing in the backyard. So Youn Lee’s effeminate yet

Essentials: MADSTEEZ

Having painted extensively on a global scale, American artist MADSTEEZ is a name that rings bells in both realms of art and street culture. Bright colors and rich details are used in his dynamic portraits that became his trademark. MADSTEEZ is almost blind in one eye, capable only of seeing kaleidoscopic swirls of color. His other eye

Fashion: Rylsee x BIG BAD WOLF T-Shirt

Our friends at BIG BAD WOLF teamed up with Geneva street artist Cyril Vouilloz, also known as Rylsee, on a brand new limited edition T-shirt series for kids.Rylsee is currently an artist resident at Urban Spree, an art and cultural space in the heart of Berlin. With a background in typography, design and mural painting, he’s