Essentials: MADSTEEZ

Having painted extensively on a global scale, American artist MADSTEEZ is a name that rings bells in both realms of art and street culture. Bright colors and rich details are used in his dynamic portraits that became his trademark. MADSTEEZ is almost blind in one eye, capable only of seeing kaleidoscopic swirls of color. His other eye

Fashion: Rylsee x BIG BAD WOLF T-Shirt

Our friends at BIG BAD WOLF teamed up with Geneva street artist Cyril Vouilloz, also known as Rylsee, on a brand new limited edition T-shirt series for kids.Rylsee is currently an artist resident at Urban Spree, an art and cultural space in the heart of Berlin. With a background in typography, design and mural painting, he’s

Fashion: Big Bad Wolf – Dancing With Big Bad Wolves Collection With MADSTEEZ and Matthew Tapia

There are two sides to every coin. Being big and bad is just one side of the wolf. There is also the side that enjoys dancing and partying till the break of dawn. To celebrate the good times and the coming of spring, our friends at Big Bad Wolf are bringing in new designs that

Street art and graffiti in Las Vegas: Where to go and who to see

Need an introduction to where to find the best Street Art in Las Vegas? Look no further than here with our second of three installments in Street Art News’s Guide To Unveiling The Street Art of Las Vegas.  If you missed the memo about Las Vegas being the hottest city in the United States right

Street art and graffiti in Milan: Where to go and who to see

One of Milan’s many pleasures is turning around a corner to find a street-art mural taking up an entire wall, or spotting a piece by your favorite Italian or International artist. If you are one of the many street art and graffiti fans who couldn’t imagine a vacation sweeter than galavanting around alleyways and empty