Kaff-eine – Southern Wild
November 21, 2019
3 min read
Melbourne street artist Kaff-eine’s upcoming exhibition, Southern Wild, celebrates our real, everyday bodies through surreal nude portraits of humanlike characters. Melbourne’s street art spotters have long spied them lurking in city laneways and abandoned spaces; paintings of large, quietly looming characters with nude human bodies, deer skull heads, and hooves for feet. Kaff-eine’s intriguing ‘deerhunters’…
“Desert Rose” by El Mac In Mesa, Arizona
May 2, 2016
1 min read
El Mac recently finished working on a new mural commissioned by the Mesa Contemporary Arts Museum in Mesa (east Phoenix), Arizona. The image is based on his photos of Karen Bracamonte, an immigrant from Guatemala who is married to one of his friends. At the time of the reference shoot Karen was roughly seven months pregnant, so…
“Enduring Spell” by El Mac in San Diego
March 24, 2016
2 min read
El Mac just finished working on yet another stunning piece of work at the University of California in San Diego. The mural is titled “Enduring Spell” and is located at the interior courtyard of Argo Hall, on UC San Diego’s Revelle College campus. The name of the college comes from the late oceanographer Roger Revelle, one of…
“Saarepiiga”, a new mural by Guido Van Helten in Tallinn, Estonia
September 24, 2015
1 min read
Guido Van Helten is currently in Eastern Europe where he just finished working on a brand new piece somewhere on the streets of Tallinn in Estonia.In town for the JJ Street Baltic Session 2015, the talent muralist once again created a striking piece of work entitled “Saarepiiga”. As usual, Guido Van Helten painted a beautiful…
David Walker creates a giant mural in Nancy, France
June 16, 2015
1 min read
Berlin-based David Walker is currently in France where he just finished working on a mega piece somewhere on the streets of Nancy.Abiding by self-imposed constraints, such as using no brushes or stencils, the British street artist pushes his unique direction with yet another superb street piece which is his biggest to date.The city of Nancy is…
Stinkfish unveils a new street piece in East London, UK
May 12, 2015
1 min read
Our friend Stinkfish has reached the shores of United Kingdom where he made his way to the trendy streets of East London.Without taking a rest, the Colombian artist started straight away to work on his first piece which is featuring some of his signature portraiture imagery combined with some colorful abstract patterns.Hit the jump for…
Axel Void creates a new mural in Little Haiti, Miami
April 12, 2015
1 min read
Axel Void just sent us a series of unreleased images from his newest mural located somewhere in the Little Haiti district of Miami.The mural is based on a portrait of Jessica, a charming little Haitian girl Axel Void met in the Dominican Republic in the town of Rio San Juan. The wall is situated in…
Ecb creates a brand new mural in New York City, USA
April 6, 2015
1 min read
While we last heard from him a few months ago in Sweden, Ecb is now in New York City where he just finished working on a new mural.The German street artist dropped another one of his signature greyscale portrait and as usual the German artist has a true talent to mix tones of grey and…
El Mac paints “Juarense y Poderosa”, a new mural in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico
March 27, 2015
1 min read
While you discovered his last collaboration with Kofie a few days ago, El Mac also recently stopped by Mexico where he was invited to work on a large new piece somewhere on the streets of Ciudad Juarez which was known in the past as Paso del Norte, and commonly referred to by locals as simply…
David Walker paints “The Final”, a new mural in Terracina, Italy for Memorie Urbane ’15
March 26, 2015
1 min read
Our friend David Walker is currently in Italy where he was invited by the good lads from Memorie Urbane to work on a large-scale mural.Painting on the streets of Terracina, the British artist quickly worked his way through this signature portrait which is entitled “The Final”. Abiding by self-imposed constraints, such as using no brushes, the…