“Cuerpo de Adaptación – Ensayo de Proceso Inverso” by Elian in Buenos Aires

Like all historical neighborhood of all cities in the world, the walls of buildings, are a great test of the time passing by, and historical reflection. The concept of Elian’s latest work is based on highlighting the original texture of the building with the intention to prove that the city functions as a dynamic body and

Alberonero unveils a new mural in Santa Croce di Magliano, Italy

“Two Surfaces And Four Intersections, 88 Tones” is the latest piece by Alberonero which was recently completed somewhere on the streets of Santa Croce di Magliano in Italy.In town for the Premio Antonio Giordano Street Art Festival, the Italian street artist quickly painted this beautiful and colorful abstract artwork which will surely by the local residents. Hit

“Public Essay of Opacity”, a new mural by Elian in Cordoba, Argentina

Our buddy Elian is back in South America where he just finished working on a brand new abstract piece on the streets of Cordoba in Argentina.Entitled “Public Essay of Opacity”, this project was coordinated by the Architects Pablo Bisio, and Esteban Bondone and was painted at the UCC University of Architecture. This is my first experience

“Shockwave” a mural by Pener in Olsztyn, Poland

Bartek “Pener” Świątecki just sent us some images from his latest piece entitled “Shockwave” which was just completed on the streets of Olsztyn in Poland.Pener has been one of Poland’s talented emerging artists working in abstract and deconstructive style. Great detail and color transitions create a fluid composition with layers and layers of deconstructed form. The

“Almost Full”, a new mural by 2501 in Chicago, Illinois

Globe-trotting muralist 2501 has now reached the shores of Chicago, Illinois where he spent the last few days working on a super-sized piece.Organized by Vertical Gallery and the Wabash Arts Corridor which is Chicago’s “living urban canvas”, the Italian muralist created this signature piece showing some of his abstract black and white imagery against a

Sten & Lex paint a new piece in Mexico City

Our friends Sten & Lex are currently in Mexico where they just finished working on a brand new piece somewhere on the streets of Mexico City.Created as part of their upcoming solo show “Paesaggi Industriali” at Celaya Brothers Gallery that opens on May 7, artists Sten Lex intervened a mural on a rooftop of the

Elian produces “Point Of Contact”, a new mural in Cordoba, Argentina

Elian is back in Argentina where he’s been rather busy on working on this super-sized wall somewhere on the streets of Cordoba.Paint a 80 meters long building, the Argentinean artist brought the street to a new life with this vibrant piece entitled “Point Of Contact”. This work is based on the point of tension. We

Etnik paints a new mural in Trento, North Italy

Etnik is currently in North Italy where he just finished working on this brand new mural on the streets of Trento at CSA Bruno.The talented Italian artist works within geometry and lends himself to a more 3D style. Floating geometric forms create massive compositions and the scale helps define the forms as they intersect and