David Shillinglaw New Mural In London, UK

David Shillinglaw spent his week-end working on this new piece in Dulwich, South London, UK.Invited by the Baroque The Streets Festival, the British artist painted his interpretation of Anthony van Dyck’s Samson and Delilah.Take a closer look after the jump, then check back with us soon for more updates from London. Pics by Arlen Figgis

Elian New Mural In Atlanta, USA

The Living Walls 2013 Conference is currently underway in Atlanta and the first finished piece comes from Elian.As usual with the South American artist, he painted a subtle and accomplished abstract piece. Elian explores 2D and 3D forms, colours and the potential for interaction through transparency.Reconvene after the jump to see all the angles and

Dalek New Mural In Boulder, USA

Brooklyn-based artist, Dalek just finished working on this new mural in Boulder, USA where he was helped by the local community and specifically kids. If you are in the area, you’ll be able to find it on the Victors & Spoils’ building on East Pearl Street. Look below for more angles of this piece and then

Nelio New Mural In Paris, France

Lyon-based artist Nelio recently stopped by Paris, France to work on this new piece in the 20th district.Nelio transforms grey urban walls with these amazing abstract spray painted pieces.His work is Graffiti rooted but incorporates elements of art history, illustration, lettering, architecture and graphic design.See the wall in full detail after the jump and if

GoddoG New Street Piece In Avignon, France

GoddoG just wrapped up this quick piece somewhere on the streets of Avignon, Southern France.As usual with the French artist, the bright pops of colour, use of patterns, and clean lines are so well executed and complementing that it looks more like hand drawn figures on a flat surface.Take a look at more detailed images

Nelio New Mural In Moscow, Russia

After a quick stop by Lodi, Italy (covered), Nelio is now in Russia where he spent the last week working on this 28 meters high mural in Moscow.Invited by the LGZ Festival, the French artist painted an intricate puzzle of colours and abstract forms.A full gallery is just below, so take a look and stay

Seikon New Mural In Gdansk, Poland

Constantly busy on the streets of Poland, Seikon is back with a beautiful abstract piece which he just completed somewhere in Gdansk.Stay with us through the break to see some more detailed shots and check back with us soon for more Street Art updates from Poland.