iNO x George P. Kavounis New Street Art Mural In Athens, Greece

iNO and George P. Kavounis just wrapped up this superb collaboration somewhere on the streets of Athens, Greece.Painted for the Remap international biannual contemporary art platform, the newly formed duo worked separately to paint this piece which is featuring each artist’s distinctive style and techniques.Continue reading to see the pieces with us and let us

Kraser New Street Art In Athens, Greece

Finding himself in Greece, Kraser had the opportunity to work on this big mural on the streets of Athens with the help of Designwars.Kraser understands the importance of shape and representation rather than the use of language and as usual with the Spanish artist he dropped one his unique whimsical tales.More pics are awaiting for

Fikos Antonios x Simon Silaidis New Mural In Athens, Greece

After a beautiful piece last month (covered), Fikos Antonios and Simon Silaidis just completed this new piece somewhere in Athens, GreeceAs usual with the duo, this is a beautiful mix of ancient Greek and Byzantine painting combined with calligraphy from Simon Silaidis.Stay tuned for more from Greece soon…