“You and whose army?” by Beast in North Italy

After almost 90 days, the lockdown period is about to end in Italy and the Beast Street Art Collective took the opportunity to celebrate this reopening with a new piece entitled “You and whose army?”. Installed on an electric tower in the open countryside of Northern Italy, this large 8-meter paste-up portrays the writer Jack

“You won’t see what I’ve become” by Beast in North Italy

The Beast Collective has recently completed one of their largest outdoor installations to date, in the countryside of Emilia, North Italy. Entitled “You won’t see what I have become”, this giant piece is an unauthorized 6 x 18 meters paste-up on one of the bridge’s pillars that connect the industrial area to the rural one,

“Heavy clouds always break up” a new street piece by Beast in Milan, Italy

Beast is back on the streets of Milan in Italy where he just unveiled a brand new piece which is entitled “Heavy clouds always break up”. As usual with the Italian artist, he brought to life an oversized paster on a gold frame showing European Prime Ministers crossing a river on a stormy day. Pasted