Ericailcane x Bastardilla x Andreco x Hitnes x Alleg New Collaboration – Rome, Italy

Ericailcane, Bastardilla, Andreco, Hitnes and Aleg recently teamed up to work on this new piece somewhere on the streets of Rome, Italy.The newly-formed formation quickly painted this interesting new piece which is featuring each artist’s distinctive style. Andreco’s abstractions are mixed with Ericailcane or Hitnes’ signature characters.If you stop by Rome soon, Hitnes’ solo show

Hyuro New Street Piece – Valencia, Spain (Part III)

For the past few months, Hyuro has been killing it on the streets of her hometown, Valencia, with several new pieces appearing every week.For once, Hyuro painted a male figure in her female dominant murals. As you can see on the piece, a line of people are waiting to stand up on the step stool just

Alice New Mural at La Neomudejar de Atocha – Madrid, Spain

While we last heard from her in Asia (covered), Alice is now back in Europe where she spent a few days working on the streets of Madrid in Spain.After several smaller pieces, the Italian artist worked on this signature piece which can be found at La Neomudejar de Atocha.Continue reading for more angles on this piece

D*Face “Goodbye Kitty” New Street Piece – Shibuya, Tokyo

After a first piece on the streets of Tokyo (covered), D*Face is back in Shibuya where he quickly painted this new piece entitled “Goodbye Kitty”.The London-based street artist was in town for his exhibition at Parco Japan (coverage coming soon).Continue reading for more detailed images from our friend Mura-San and then if you are in

Seth New Mural For Art Basel ’13 – Wynwood, Miami

We continue our ongoing Art Basel coverage with Seth and his brand new piece in Miami for Art Basel 2013.Specialising in painting characters on walls, the French artist is also the Television Director and onscreen Reporter of the French documentary series “Globe Painter’’.Continue reading for more images and then check back with us soon for more

Deih New Mural – Malaga, Spain

After a superb piece in his hometown of Valencia last month (covered), Deih is now in Malaga, Spain where he just wrapped up this new piece.As usual with the Spanish muralist and illustrator, he painted a beautiful and rather unique piece featuring his signature illustrative technique.Continue reading for more images and then check back with

Phlegm New Street Art Mural For PRHBTN – Lexington, USA

While we last heard from him last month in Cardiff (covered), Phlegm is now in North America where he just wrapped up this new piece in Lexington, Kentucky.Working on the wall of an old Bourbon distillery, the popular British street artist painted a myriad of his signature characters in equilibrium. The top of this rather

Sepe “Chilling On The Mine Field” New Mural – Kluczbork, Poland

Sepe recently stopped by the city of Kluczbork, Poland where he spend a few hours working on this new piece on an abandoned sawmill.As usual with the Polish street artist, he painted one of his stilted and overgrown signature characters. A perfect fall image.Continue reading to get familiar with this new artwork and tell us