Stinkfish New Boat Piece, Providencia Island Colombia

Stinkfish loves to paint next to water and he did it once again with this superb new piece painted late last month on an abandoned boat in Providencia Island.Check back with us soon for more South American street art by Stinkfish!

Stinkfish New Mural In San Andrés Island, Colombia Part II

We continue our coverage (Part I) of Stinkfish new Colombian pieces with this mural painted late last month in San Andrés Island.One layer stencil and a couple cans is all it takes for Mr Stink to paint yet another beautiful piece. Pics by Stinkfish

Stinkfish New Mural In San Andrés Island, Colombia

Late last month Stinkfish stopped by San Andrés Island in Colombia to paint this new simple and beautiful piece on Playa de la Avenida Colombia.You may remember that last May, he already visited this island (covered) and we hope to discover more pieces in San Andrés soon. Pics by Stinkfish